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The Captains Crew VIP– Hippie Dave

This is Hippie Dave

As you can see from this picture of him from back in college, he really was a damn hippie.  These days he’s a suburban dad, but he’s still got the same mindset from back then.  Hippie Dave has been the VIP of my summer.  He was perfect in August!  Dave took an instant shine to Captain Powers

And despite a disagreement over a Slurpee


They remain good friends.  Hippie Dave became a father for the first time this summer, and he’s been looking to celebrate this any chance he gets.  Lucky for me I’m out in West St. Louis County now and live pretty close.  Hippie Dave has been my go to guy this summer when I’ve got a couple of free hours and want to enjoy life. 

I met Hippie Dave during my last year of college.  He had an apartment in the same quad where I was living, so we saw each other almost every day.  After college he joined the School of Metaphysics and went Vegan.  But luckily he got over that shit and is back to eating meat and drinking beer. 

Hippie Dave is so cool that I actually dressed up as him for Halloween ten years ago.  He has an infectious laugh and is without a doubt the best listener I’ve ever known. 

So cheers to Hippie Dave, a true Captain’s Crew VIP.  Don’t stop believin’ my friend!


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