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The Captain Goes Back Twenty On Fives

I love having my birthday around labor day weekend.  It’s always a good time to celebrate when everyone has off school/work.  This year looks like it’s going to be memorable as well, so I thought I’d go back and take a look at past birthday on five year spans for Friday 5.

Top 5×5 Memories From 25 Years Of Birthdays

1.  33 in Chicago

This year Meg and I are headed to Chicago for a couple of nites of sightseeing.  We’ll be dining on the riverfront and hitting Second City for a show.  I’ll have a full recap on Monday.

2.  28 in Sarasota

Five years ago Meg and I hosted the whole Florida branch of my family at our fancy condo, The Renaissance.  We got kicked out of the area for bringing in a dog and got in trouble for leaving the grill a mess.  Gotta love my family!  We also went for a wonderful walk on the beach that weekend to watch the sunset.  At that point we had only been living together for one month and everything seemed magic.  Oh Florida, you sure were a lot of fun.

3.  23 in Kansas

Ten years ago I drove to Kansas to began an ill fated month in trucker school.  I spent my birthday studying a manual on 18 wheelers.  Reading back the past two sentences seems like they were written by someone else.  Learning to drive an 18 wheeler is the most surreal experience in my life thus far.

4.  18 in Springfield

Fifteen years ago I drove to Branson to the Shoji Tabuchi Theater with my roommate Steve.  That experience deserves it’s own post because it was so memorable.  At the time I had just finished my first week of college at Southwest Missouri State and I was drunk with the freedom.  What a great way to turn 18!


5.  13 in Aladdin’s Castle

Twenty years ago was one of the most memorable birthdays of my childhood.  My mother rented out Aladdin’s Castle arcade at Jamestown mall for me and 12 of my friends and we spent 4 hours playing video games.  Everyone dressed in all black for the unlucky 13 theme of the party.  Three buddies and I spent two hours beating the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles arcade game.  My sister and the girls at the party won their weight in stuffed animals.  It was amazing.



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