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The Captain Enjoys A Windy 33rd

Chicago and 33 is the place to be!  Meg and I just got back from a wonderful little 3 day – 2 nite trip to the Windy City and we’re ready to go back.  Nothing beats downtown Chicago.  We stayed downtown at the Fairmont Hotel right by where the Riverwalk meets up with Lake Michigan.  It made for some great views and relaxing walks.  Here’s us on Friday nite headed to Fulton’s On The River for a fabulous steak dinner.

It was awesome to walk to so many cool areas near the hotel.  Megan demanded to stop by Harpo Studios to get her picture taken on Oprah Winfrey Way.

And we were only a few blocks away from the always picturesque Millennium Park.

We did lots of typical touristy things like shopping on Michigan Avenue and grabbing some deep-dish pizza at Gino’s East.  And we made a special appearance at a baby shower for our friends Adam and Marissa.  Their newborn daughter Aviva is beautiful and quite calm for a newborn.

But the highlight of the trip without a doubt was the evening of my birthday, September 3rd.  Megan booked us two tickets to Southside Of Heaven, the mainstage show at Second City.  As a lover of comedy, I was super excited to see a live show at such a revered venue.  We arrived early for the show to get good seats, and we were surprised to be seated in the front row.  Like knees touching the edge, sit my beer on stage front row.  Here’s me leaning on the stage from my seat.

I knew that sitting in the front row meant that we might be likely to become involved in the show.  But I had no idea what lie in store.  At one point an actor pretending to be a horse actually spit apple chunks at Megan, who did her best not to freak out.  But later in the second act we both got called out like I never would have imagined.  The sketch involved a cast member dressed as a TSA agent discussing how full body scans were a lot less intrusive then what a common Google search can reveal.  Then he blew our minds.

After unsuccessfully trying to guess some details about the people sitting to our right he turned to Megan and guessed that her name was Mary.  She told the fake TSA agent that he was close, but that it was Megan not Mary.  He remarked that he was close, and then rattled off in quick succession that Megan was from St. Louis, where she went to high school, where she works, where she graduated college, several friends names and the details of a Thespian festival she attended back in high school.  As we both sat with our jaws dropped wide open, he said that she met husband in high school and then turned his attention to me.  He then quickly rattled off where I went to college, where I work now, a couple of my friends and the fact that Saturday was my birthday.  All of this went down in less than a minute.  We were STUNNED.

As it was happening, I was thinking “Please don’t let him have found my Twitter feed or my blog.”  Luckily, most of our information the fake TSA agent gathered came from our respective employer’s websites.  I’ve made an effort to remove my real name from here as much as possible to prevent this sort of thing from happening.  As much as I love the writing I’ve done here at The Captains Quarters, hearing select pieces of what I’ve written recited to a room of 250 audience members would be pretty uncomfortable.  As it was, the bit made for an unforgettable piece of live theater.  When he finished the sketch, I stood up and applauded.  I wanted to let the rest of the audience know that the sketch was 100% accurate and 200% effective.  It made for a memorable birthday to say the least.

The same could be said of the whole weekend.  The weather was gorgeous, we rode in style in Megan’s new Prius, our hotel room had a view of the lake.  I could go on and on but I think you get the point.  So thanks to Chicago for one hell of a 33rd birthday.  Cheers!


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