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The Captain Is Getting The Band Back Together

This week I’m bringing it all back home for Wayback Wednesday.  My dad is coming to St. Louis this weekend to checkout Undercover Weekend featuring Paper Dolls vs. Tight Pants Syndrome as Electric Light Orchestra.1 Pops coming in from Jersey to check out my sister’s band is an ultra rare occasion for me, as it will be one of the dozen or so times in my life I can recall my parents in the same room.  My parents split around the time of my fourth birthday and we moved back to St. Louis with my mom.  So my whole life my parents have been in separate states.  Special occasions were the only time they were ever in the same room, and it always amazed Cathie and I to see them two of them near each other.  With that in mind, here’s a picture of the whole family together in what is one of my earliest memories.

I’m not sure what year this was taken, but it looks like it’s my for Grandmother’s second wedding which would make this 1982.  That would explain our awesome matching tuxes and my father still having some hair on his head.  So looks like I’ll have to snap a 29 years later picture at Friday’s show.  And speaking of which, stay tuned for more Undercover Weekend info this week!


The Captain

1.  My dad is traveling 800 miles to attend Undercover Weekend, so I sure as shit hope the rest of you are making the drive downtown for this amazing show.  I’d better see you there!

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