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The Captain Is Ready To Break Out The Covers

The big day is finally here!  My dad is on a plane from Philly headed to St. Louis as I write this, which means it’s time for An Under Cover Weekend!  Everything is going down tonite at 8pm at The Firebird.  Hopefully you already have your tickets.  If not, then hopefully the Friday 5 will help persuade you into attending.

Top 5 Reasons To Attend An Under Cover Weekend Starting Tonite

1.  Paper Dolls as Electric Light Orchestra

This is the perfect matchup!  Taking Paper Dolls progressive female sound and wedding it with ELO’s retro-synth sensibilities makes sense on paper, but it sounds so much better in person on songs like Mr. Blue Sky.  And adding Tight Pants Syndrome in to lay down some breaking beats and haughty melodies will really make tracks like Don’t Bring Me Down jump off the stage.  I know this thrown together super-group of sorts has been working super hard for six months so they can nail these tracks.  My sister relayed to me that her and the violin player actually transcribed by hand all of the string parts.  That is some dedication, and it’s going to show tonite.  Plus, look how cool they look when they’re assembled.  It’s an instant classic.

2.  Strong Track Record

Reading the past list of band pairings really highlights the organizers skill at matching local bands.  Sleepy Kitty as Pavement is dead on, and The Hibernauts as The Four Tops has to be the funniest live performance in years.  This year looks to continue the streak, with The Breaks as The Strokes seeming to be a brilliant pairing.  But perhaps mostly brilliantly is Jump Starts as Violent Femmes.  Sarah has been drumming nonstop for months to prepare and is “wicked stoked” as she would say with her Boston accent.  Here’s a good interview that the band just did, check it out.

3.  All the cool kids will be there

There will be a ton of people packed into The Firebird, and lots of folks I love.  Both of my parents will be there, which is an ultra-rare phenomenon, as well as all of the bands numerous fans.  Captain Mike is even making the trip across the bridge for the show.  Let’s pack this shitty little bar to capacity!

4.  The Firebird isn’t as bad as it used to be

I’ve been ragging on The Firebird for years now, but honestly it’s not nearly as bad as it used to be.  Back when I lived a few blocks away from The Bluebird when it first opened, it looked like a VFW Post and the bar didn’t have running water.  But the renovations they’ve done are actually pretty decent.  There are now places to sit and the bar is much upgraded.  There still isn’t shit for ventilation, so put on some extra deodorant.  But still, it’s much better than it was.

5.  Only ten bucks!

Five bands as five other bands and it’s only $10 a nite!  That’s one hell of a deal, so now you have absolutely no excuse!  I’ll see you there tonite!!!


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