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The Captain Kept The Dream Alive

I’m exhausted from last nite’s marathon baseball viewing.  What a great nite for the Cardinals and for baseball in general.  I have a lot of thoughts on the final week of baseball season, and on the upcoming match-ups in the Playoffs, but for right I want to acknowledge the 2011 St. Louis Cardinals for their remarkable season.  I’m one of the few people I know that can legitimately say that I’ve been cheering them to the playoffs all season long. 

From the Cardinals beginning is Spring Training, to their early winning streaks, to their long and trying summer to their remarkable September run, I’ve watched most of the games and I never gave up hope.  Even with all of the losses, from players like Wainwright going down to the bullpen’s late inning collapses, I still felt like this team had enough talent to make it to the playoffs.  In my mind having proven winners  like Pujols , Holliday and my man Carpenter combined with new contributions for guys like Freese, Motte and the rejuvenated Berkman just had to add up eventually.  Even with all of the injuries and of the bad losses, I refused to believe that the Cardinals were through.  Even when almost everyone I knew swore them off at the end of August after they were swept by the Dodgers and were 10½ games behind in the Wild Card, I still believed.

Granted, I’m not crazy enough to think that my support had anything to do with their winning.  But by never giving up and sticking with them until the end makes the victory feel like I somehow earned it.  Much like my recent winning season in Fantasy Baseball, it feels great to know that the large commitment of my time and energy was worth it.  It was one hell of a season and I’m glad I stuck around to witness the whole thing.  Congratulations to the 2011 National League Wild Card Winning St. Louis Cardinals.



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