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What a weekend for baseball!  I of course spent Saturday and Sunday nites glued to the Cardinals-Phillies playoff game and I was rewarded with two magnificent competitions.  Both nite I initially thought the game would be boring after the 3-run first inning by the Cardinals on Saturday and the Phillies on Sunday nite.  And both times I was wrong as the opposing team roared back with surprising offensive breakouts.  And while the Phillies 11-6 win sounds more impressive on the surface, it was Sunday’s comeback by the Cardinals that really left me speechless.  Cliff Lee had a 4-0 lead in the second inning, and yet the Cardinals found a way to push and hustle five runs against him.  Even more impressive was the Cardinals bullpen throwing six shutout innings after my man Carpenter’s bad start.1   It was an amazing start to the series that is now headed to St. Louis tomorrow for game three.

Perhaps the most exciting thing for me was that my two favorite teams split the two games.  I was concerned that the Phillies might embarrass the Cardinals in the first two games in Philadelphia and make it a muted affair on Tuesday.  Splitting the games gave both teams the respect they deserve, but more importantly ensures that they will play a game four.  I FINALLY GET TO GO TO A CARDINALS-PHILLIES PLAYOFF GAME! 

I’m still not sure who I’ll be rooting for at the game, but right now I’m leaning towards the Cardinals.  My plan is to wear a Phillies shirt under my Cardinals jersey so I can cover my bases.  Either way, I get the feeling that I’m in for a hell of a nite of baseball.  Expect a long recap on Thursday!


The Captain

1.  I thought that pitching Carpenter on three days rest was a worthy gamble, and I was wrong.

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