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The Captains Game 4 Adventure

It’s been a full 24 hours since the conclusion of Game 4 of the Cardinals-Phillies playoff series, and I’m still exhausted!  What a nite!!!

Wednesday’s baseball extravaganza started on the right foot by leaving work 1½ hours early to ride the train downtown.  I met my partner in crime, DJ, at his bar and we drank a couple of cheap beers while making a sign for the game.


Take that East Coast bias!  On the way down to Busch Stadium for the 5pm start we ran into OccupySTL, the local group taking the mantle of Occupy Wall Street, as they marched on the Bank Of America building.


While I don’t think that the movement has the right solutions, I’m glad that they at least have identified the correct problem – corporations buying influence in politics.  But enough about that, back to baseball!

The weather was a perfect 82 at game time and Busch Stadium was electric with energy.  We had standing room only tickets so we headed down to the lower level and elbowed our way into a section by 3rd base.  Great view of the action!


Before the game I had already decided to cheer the Cardinals instead of the Phillies, but I was wearing a Howard Phillies shirt under my Carpenter Cardinals jersey just in case.  At the top of the game things got ugly for the Cardinals in a hurry.  The Phillies jumped out to a 2-run lead before Cardinals starting pitcher Jackson recorded an out.  The stadium got suddenly quiet, and it seemed that my backup Phillies shirt might come in handy real soon.  After all, Phillies’ starter Oswalt had famously thrown the last pitch at old Busch Stadium and there was a good chance he would throw the last pitch of the Cardinals 2011 season.

But the Cardinals slowly and surely started a comeback.  When a walk to Berkman and a hit-by-pitch to Holliday led to a 2-run double by Freese, the stadium erupted and so did we.


 And when Freese  knocked in a 2-run homer his next at bat, the place was a sea of rotating white.  It was free rally towel nite at the Stadium, and 50,000+ of these were whipping in unison.


Following another gutsy performance by the Cardinals bullpen and a dominating save by Motte, the Cardinals won the game and sent the game back to Philadelphia for a do or die Game 5 on Friday.  After the game Busch Stadium was full of the kind of excitement that you can feel throughout your body.  The place was buzzing with cheers and towelwaving as fans exited the stadium.  I love spontaneous high fives, and I probably received 20+ as DJ and I headed to Paddy Os for the afterparty.  We met up with my buddy Dan Fjord, and the #1 female Cardinals fan in StL, April and her sister Jen.


Paddy Os was PACKED, of course, because the game was over by 8pm.  That’s super early for a bar nite, even by St. Louis standards.  Everyone at the bar was thrilled after the win, but not so much when they discovered I was wearing a Phillies shirt under my Cardinals jersey.

I’ve said from the beginning that I’m cheering for the winner, and that nite it was the home team.  We ended our nite at Truman’s Place and Dan Fjord was nice enough to cart my drunken ass back to the County.  Needless to say I had a slow start this morning, but it was totally worth it!  One of the most exciting baseball games I’ve ever attended by far.  It’s been an amazing series for me thus far.  So here’s hoping Friday’s finale continues to live up to the hype, because Wednesday was incredible!



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