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The Captains Five On Game 5

Tonite is the pivotal Game 5 in the Cardinals-Phillies NLDS Playoffs.  It would be hard to top this as a perfect topic for Friday 5.

Top 5 Stories Heading Into Game 5

1.  Carpenter v. Halladay

For me the top story is the pitching match-up featuring my favorite ball player, Carp.  So many good stories I’ve read about Chris Carpenter vs. Roy Halladay.  How they were good friends coming up together in Toronto.  How they’ve never pitched against each other.  How this will be only the third time that two Cy Young winning pitchers are facing off in the final game of a playoff series.  Can Carpenter rebound after pitching on short rest in a regretful Game 2.  There is just so much to like here.  What a amazing test for my man Carpenter.  Here’s hoping Carp steps up and seizes the game!

2.  The Rally Squirrel

Holy cow has this story gotten a lot of attention!  And what’s not to love?  Look at that speed!

For those unfamiliar, a squirrel ran onto the field Busch Stadium at Game 3 and was quickly dubbed the Rally Squirrel by fans.  He of course immediately had a Twitter account.  He returned on my wonderful game on Wednesday and actually ran across home plate.

And now there are guys dressed like him today standing on highways exit ramps waving to motorists.  All the attention has really increased the memorability of this amazing series.  Well done little buddy.

3.  The Pressure On Philly

From the beginning of the 2011 season, most baseball fans agreed that the Phillies were bound for the World Series and the Cardinals weren’t making the playoffs.  The Cardinals have defied everyone’s expectations by making the playoffs on the last day of the season, and they’ve really done it again by forcing a Game 5.  No one, and I mean no one, gave the Cardinals much of a chance to win this Series.  The pressure is really on the Phillies to win this game, while the Cardinals get to play the underdog role that always seems to suit them well.

If the Phillies don’t win, they will have hell to pay.  A team with this much talent and this much money invested is supposed to win.  And being beat by the Cardinals after making it possible for them to reach the playoffs will sting Philly particularly hard.  The Phillies have everything to lose and the Cardinals have nothing. 

4.  Birds On My Bat

In the past, the Cardinals have had some memorable songs to accompany their playoff runs.  This time is no different; check out the 2011 Cardinals Playoff anthem Birds On My Bat.

This is so terrible it genius!  Apparently this is the work of a twerpy white high school kid from Granite City, IL.  Out of control funny.  This needs to catch on everywhere, and like now.

5.  Where Do The Captain’s Loyalties Truly Lie

 It’s amazing that two teams playing in the National League for 100+ years have never faced off in the playoffs.  For me it’s been extremely convenient that I’ve never had to definitely pick a side.  At the beginning of the series I said I’m cheering for the winner.  I figured that one team would dominate the series and I’d just stick with them.  But now that it’s down to one game, I guess I really have to pick a side.  While I’ll be happy with either outcome, attending Game 4 at Busch let me know that I’m a really a Cardinals fan at heart.  Feeling all that energy on Wednesday sealed it in my mind.  I’ll cheer if the Phillies win, but I’m rooting for the Cardinals.  Thanks to both teams for making your first meeting in the post season one I’ll never forget. 

With that being said, LETS. GO. CARDINALS!


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