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The Captain Needs To Remember That He’s A Winner, Man

Who would’ve thought that I’d be sitting in my basement watching the Cardinals on a Monday nite playoff game.  A month or even a week ago this scenario seemed unlikely.  But here I am with a glass of apple cider cheering on the Redbirds as they’re up 5-0 against Milwaukee in Game 2 of the NLCS.  As was obvious over the last few entries, I’ve been amped up for a week now since the Cards beat Cliff Lee last Sunday.  I was thrilled to watch a Cardinal win at Busch Stadium on Wednesday nite, and I was really looking forward to watch the Carpenter-Halladay match up on Friday.  But even after all my big-upping Carpenter on Friday, he went out and gave a performance that even I wasn’t anticipating.

Chris Carpenter’s 3-hit complete game shutout was his most dominant performance since Game 3 of the 2006 World Series.  To completely shut-down the Phillies offense and outduel a friend in such a clutch game was a wonder to watch.  What a great game to reunited the whole left –field heckling crew at Deputy Tim’s new place in South City.


My sister even made it out, there were lots of reasons to celebrate!  I was sad to see the Phillies go down with a whimper, so I didn’t call my two uncles who were at the game to gloat about with win.  And now I can cheer for the Cardinals for another whole week!  And the weather is perfect in St. Louis for watching baseball.  The only thing not to like is this a gang of cheating assholes who they’re playing, the Milwaukee Brewers.  These cheating wannabes are small time, nobodies.  The Milwaukee Brewers?

They took advantage of Garcia’s nerves in Game 1 on Sunday, but the Cardinals still managed to score 6 runs off of their best pitcher.  It was at least in part from some rally towel waving from Captain Powers and my man D.

This playoff round looks to be a slug fest, which works out because the Cardinals have the leagues’ best offense.  Tonite the star is Albert Pujols and he’s showing everyone why he deserves a monster contract.   I’ve been watching The Great Pujols for a decade now and I still find him incredible.  I’ll never get tired of watching this Hall of Famer.

As much as it would be fun to go to a home playoff game on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday I’m going to pass this round.  I’m super busy at work and my wedding anniversary is Thursday. So I’m going to cheer at a television all week and save my money for possible World Series tickets.  Because if the World Series comes to St. Louis, I WILL see it in person this time.

But I’m getting ahead of myself, back to Game 2.  It’s been extra entertaining watch Nyjer Morgan suck on offense and defense tonite.  As an outspoken critic of my man Carpenter I take great joy in watching him fail.  Nyjer Morgan?

The score is now 11-2 and the rest of the Cardinals hitters are adding to Pujols’ monstrous nite.  Great to see the Redbirds swing their way to victory and back to St. Louis.  Keep up the good work and, as always, have a


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