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The Captain Says Ach Ja and Nicht Nicht: Pennant Winning Edition

It’s been a week since I’ve posted here at The Captains Quarters, and it will probably be another week until I post after today.  There are simply too many amazing things going on around me for my weekday updates.  But seeing as this is a time I will clearly want to remember, I’ve decided revive my cheers and jeers segment, Ach Ja and Nicht Nicht!  If you’re not familiar with my favorite Bruno sketch, here’s a refresher.

Ach Ja and Nicht Nicht: Pennant Winning Edition

Roof golfing – Ach Ja

Before Game 5 of the Cards-Brewers series, my man D and I headed down to my old loft downtown and took a few practice swings on the roof.1 


It was an exhilarating way to warm up for what turned out to be a great game at Sherriff Tim’s place.  My sister was at Game 5, and stopped by Tim’s afterwards for a final meeting of the Right Field Heckling Club.  What a great final Friday game of the season!

Clinch game with the crew – Ach Ja

Two nites later I caught the amazing clinching playoff game with the party rock crew out in St. Peters.  Party monsters Dan Fjord and Matt G were in full effect, but the highlight was a special guest appearance by the jetsetter himself, @WilliamPepple.


Lots of Budweiser products and one Bud tower later and the Cardinals were going to the World Series!  It was a long game with some sloppy plays that looked like a home run derby after a few innings, but as long as the Cardinals won who gives a shit?  And now on to the World Series!

Home field advantage – Ach Ja

Thanks to Prince Fielder’s 3 run homer in the All Star Game, St. Louis has home field advantage when they face C.J. Wilson2 and the Texas Rangers in Game 1.  And as far as World Series in St. Louis are concerned, Game 1 is a rarity.  Despite playing in five other World Series in the past three decades, the last time the Cardinals had home field advantage was 1982.  There hasn’t been a Game 1 in St. Louis in almost 30 years!  After Sunday nite’s win, I knew on Monday morning that I couldn’t miss an event as awesome as Game 1.  I wound up paying way too much money for a standing room only ticket.  Hopefully it was a good decision…

Rally squirrel mania – Nicht Nicht

As much as I like the build up to World Series, the rally squirrel has gotten a bit out of control.  That little critter is EVERYWHERE in St. Louis.  And some of the folks here in St. Louis need to learn how to draw before they start printing up t-shirts.

I know it’s pretty much harmless, but I feel like it’s taking a bit away from the Cardinals incredible run down the stretch.  I know a lucky squirrel sound more fun than timely hitting and a lights out bullpen, but I’m sticking with the latter.

National sports media – Nicht Nicht

As if the announcing on TBS wasn’t bad enough, the national press’ reaction to the Cardinals in the Series has been even worse.  I get it, everyone thought the Phillies and the Brewers were better teams and the experts don’t like admitting they’re wrong.  And now, predictably, the sports press is picking the Rangers to win.  Well, go ahead and count out the Cardinals once again.  It seems to be working pretty well for them.

My sister’s 32nd – Ach Ja

My sister Cathie turns 32 on Sunday, and I wanted to wish her an early happy birthday.  And since today should be Wayback Wednesday, here’s one for you sis.


Cardinals rally songs – Nicht Nicht

And speaking of other segments I’ve skipped, how about some tunes for a belated 2 For Tuesday.  Here’s a study in what make a good Postseason song.  First up is a fun remix of the rally song from the 1985 World Series.

A classic.  And here’s what we’re supposed to rally behind in 2011.

That’s a Nicht Nicht!

End of summer – Nicht Nicht

Last weekend in St. Louis was gorgeous, so now of course it’s breezy and in the forties for Game 1.  Still, I’m glad I was able to enjoy the warm weather while it lingered.  Meg and I went out Saturday for an afternoon full of nice views at Lone Elk Park.


Afterwards we grabbed some wine at 3500 Winehaus and dinner at Stellinas to celebrate our wedding anniversary.  I am very lucky to have married such a wonderful woman who has been very understanding about my baseball obsession.  Love you baby!

Edible Arrangements – Nicht Nicht

Speaking of my anniversary, thanks for the nice cards and gifts we received for the occasion.  My dad was nice enough to send a gift, but it turned into a production.  For those unfamiliar, Edible Arrangements is a company that slices up fresh fruit in the shape of flowers and then delivers the fruit in bouquet form.  Which sounds lovely if you enjoy fresh fruit, as is the case with me.  However, receiving an Edible Arrangement at work is like being delivered a ticking fruit bomb.  Fresh cut fruit spoils quickly, and my office doesn’t have a full size fridge.  So I had to drop everything and strap in that bad boy and speed back home for lunch.

Damn if I’m gonna let this fruit spoil!  The end result is lots of delicious fruit, some of which I am eating as I type, so it’s an overall plus. 

Breaking Bad & Walking Dead – Ach Ja

Even though I’ve been obsessed with baseball for a few weeks now, there’s been plenty of other great stuff that’s caught my attention.  The best by far was Sunday nites on AMC.  The end of Season 4 of Breaking Bad was amazing.  While I knew the creators couldn’t top Season 3, they came damn close.  And it was followed this past Sunday by the premiere of Walking Dead Season 2!  That’s one hell of an incredible run, and almost enough to make me forget about baseball…

Cheering On Carpenter At Game 1 – ACH JA ACH JA ACH JA!

Yeah right!  Bring on the World Series!  The only thing more exciting to me than Chris Carpenter starting Game 1 of the World Series in St. Louis is seeing it live at Busch Stadium.  My favorite athlete has only pitched in the big show once before, Game 3 of the 2006 World Series.  I was watching that game down in Florida thinking about how badly I wanted to be there in person.  Five years later and I finally have my opportunity!  I’m so excited about tonite’s game that I can barely focus.  What an amazing run by the Cardinals, and what an amazing opportunity they have to claim their 11th Championship in 2011. 

Given how much I’ve watched the Cardinals play this year, I’m going to make a bold prediction on the series.  I think the Cardinals will win it in 5 games.  I think the Cardinals win both games in St. Louis, drop either Game 3 or 4 and then Carpenter returns to seal the deal on Game 5.  It might be a longshot, but that’s what predictions are all about.  I’ll be back next Wednesday with a full World Series wrapup, but until then –  LET’S GO CARDINALS!


The Captain

1. Don’t worry, no golf balls were used; downtown has enough broken windows…

2.  How fitting that Wilson was the one who gave up that bomb to Fielder.

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