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The Captain Is Half A Month Late For Rocktober

Now that I’m back from my month+ long baseball focus, let’s get back to Modern Rock!  The last time I posted a 2 For Tuesday I included a couple of tracks with hip-hop beats.  How did I forget to put the rock in Rocktober?! Time to fix that, albeit half a month late.  First up is the blazing new single from The Black Keys.  Off their highly anticipated new album due in December, here’s Lonely Boy.

Back a few months ago when I heard The Black Keys were recording a new album, this song is pretty much what I had in my mind.  A bluesy-rock riff, thumping beat and a singalong chorus is their standard sound, but damn if it doesn’t sound refreshing.  And damn what an entertaining video.  The Black Keys pretty much conquered the world in 2010 with their last album, and this looks to extend their reign well into 2012. 

Next up is a surprisingly rocking track off Wilco’s latest album.  Here’s Born Alone.

It’s been years since Wilco has put out a decent rock song.  They’re last couple of albums have pretty much defined the new Alternative Adult Contemporary sound that has seem to caught on with aging Gen-Xers.1  I was hoping that Jeff Tweedy and whoever else he’s calling Wilco now would try rocking for a change, and I am pleasantly surprised with the result.  But judging from the rest of The Whole Love, this may well just be a rocking blip on an otherwise steady move towards middle age.


The Captain

1. The other new champ of Alternative Adult Contemporary, Feist, even did a duet with Jeff on Wilco’s last album!

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