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The Captain Prolongs The Magic

I’m gonna come right out and say it no matter how greedy it sounds; I’m not ready to be finished cheering for the Cardinals’ World Series Championship.  I want MORE!

Some people might say that the Cardinals postseason lasting from October 1st – 28th plus a weekend to celebrate the Championship should be long enough.  While devoting my entire month October to winning baseball was immensely enjoyable, I’m having severe withdrawal in November.  I’ve clung to the near daily updates about the Cardinals offseason, but I need MORE! 

Luckily it looks like I’ll have a chance to join a crowd in cheering for the Cardinals one more time.  Yesterday I saw this press release for a screening of the 2011 World Series Film.  This is perfect!  The film is showing at the newly renovated Peabody Opera House, which I‘ve wanted to check out since it’s reopening in October.  The event will have a red carpet with Cardinals players and other local celebrities.  And the film will relive the Cardinals unbelievable Championship run with added production value while being narrated by Jon Hamm!


The event is next Tuesday nite the 22nd at 8pm and tickets are $15.  That sounds kinda pricey to watch a DVD that’s being released the same day for $25, but it will be worth it to cheer on the Cardinals one more time with a room of fellow fans.  My man D and Sherriff Tim will be joining me for the film.  So how about it Cardinals fans?  Who else wants to go prolong the magic for one more nite?  Let’s do this!


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