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The Captains Thanksgiving Bird Is A Winner

I have lots of things to be thankful for this year, like my beautiful wife, my wonderful home and my loving little dogs.  But today I thought I’d say thanks to the 2011 Cardinals one more time.  Two nites ago, I had a chance to say thank you to the Cardinals in person at the premier of the 2011 World Series Film at the Peabody Opera House with D and Sherriff Tim. 

This being my first time at the Peabody, I was quite impressed by the massive restoration that took place.  As you can see, the place was packed with Cardinals fans.

They had lots of cool little touches, like an ice bar that served collectors bottles of Budweiser like this


As well as World Series logos all over, like the one Sherriff Tim is under.


MVP David Freese made an appearance before the film along with the Championship trophy.


The hometown crowd was hyped up from the beginning to the end of the film, cheering at every highlight.  It was a great nite to say thanks and goodbye to an unbelievable season.  Before I say farewell to the 2011 Cardinals I wanted to share a few more favorite images of the season.  Here’s the damage we did at Sherriff Tim’s house in October.


Here’s my favorite tweet from the nite the Cardinals won Game 7.

And here’s my man D running into Tony LaRussa the day he managed his last game.


Thanks for all the great memories.  Now, the long 4½ month wait till opening day…


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