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The Captains Is Surprised By Unsurprising Follow-ups

Last week I was surprised at the response that 2 For Tuesday received, so this  week I’ve got a couple of songs that are surprising in how unsurprising they sound.  First up is the Common Burn by Mazzy Star.

This track itself is unsurprising; it sounds exactly like I would assume a new Mazzy Star track would sound.  The surprising part is that it represents the first new song by the band in 15 years!  My college roommate Eric was big into Mazzy Star and I listened to them quite a bit back in my Springfield days.  Their general moody disposition was perfect for my teenage years.

They’ve been MIA up until a couple of years ago when singer Hope Sandoval released a surprisingly upbeat solo album.  Last year she teamed up with Massive Attack for one of the best tracks of 2010, Paradise Circus.  And now she’s back with the band for a highly anticipated album due next year.  I can’t wait to hear the whole album; bring on the melancholy!

Next up is What You Were by The Drums.

The drums – What You Were by Zombielazer

Again, the track itself is unsurprising.  It sounds consistent with the band’s debut album from 2010.  What’s surprising is that I like this song despite my best efforts.  Last year I had a hard time accepting that I enjoyed their pretty-boy-surfer-pop-rock debut single enough to include it on Modern Rock 2010.  Here it’s a year later and I once again find myself head-nodding to this upbeat little toe-tapper.  While I’m not ready to admit I like pretty-boy-surfer-pop-rock, I guess it’s time to begrudgingly admit that The Drums are a good band.  Damn you surfers!


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