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The Captain Finishes The Rock In 2011

After dozens of 2 For Tuesdays and listening to hundreds of various other songs, I’ve put the finishing touches on Modern Rock 2011!


I’ll be highlighting the 43 songs that made the cut on Tuesdays in January starting on the 10th.  So those of you lucky enough to receive a copy have some serious rocking to do until then.  But be careful with these tunes; Modern Rock 2011 has already been known to cause young men to cross-dress and young women to dance topless.



The Captain

The Captains X-Mas Carols

It’s the last Wayback Wednesday of the year, and I found the perfect picture to bring some holiday cheer.  Going back 15 years, here is my wife and my sister in my high school’s 1996 winter production of A Christmas Carol.

HA HA!  Meg is festively costumed as the Ghost of X-Mas Present; Cathie is slumming it as an elderly peasant.  Both are looking remarkable in the process.  I can’t imagine either one of them enjoying this picture as much as I do, but then again that’s why it’s my blog!  Happy X-Mas to all!


The Captain

The Captain Wraps Up Modern Rock 2011

I’m officially out of Tuesdays!  This will be my last 2 For Tuesday of the year, and there are still several songs that I want to highlight!!!

So at this point I’m going to just pick two last songs and then cover the rest next month when I do a complete breakdown of Modern Rock 2011.  The first of the last is Out Of Tune by Real Estate.

I’ve heard several good things about Real Estate throughout the year but I had never given them a listen.  But their high ranking on several yearend best-of lists prompted me to give them a shot.  I was rewarded with this great low-fi little gem of an album in the process.  Great suggestion critics!  Apparently this is their second album, so it looks like I’ve got some homework. 

And the final 2 For Tuesday pick is Lucky Now by Ryan Adams.

This is a bit of a surprise considering how long it’s been since I’ve actually liked a song by Ryan Adams.  Let’s see, Gold was released in 2001, so it’s actually been 10 years!  Since 2001 he’s been putting out the kind of self-indulgent schlock that boils my blood.  I guess someone must’ve called him on his shit, because he finally managed to drop all of his tortured artist pretense and write this remarkable little song.  And in a year of pleasant musical surprises, it’s swell to end 2 For Tuesday on a beautiful note. 

I’ll be back with 2 For Tuesday in February to start Modern Rock 2012.  But for now, thanks for listening in 2011!


The Captain

The Captains Year Of Championships

This weekend my household welcomed home another championship; Meg won the competition at her annual Christmas Cookie Exchange!  And while my championship run in Fantasy Baseball this year closely resembled the come-from-behind victories of the 2011 World Series Champion Cardinals, her Championship more closely resembles the 1998 Chicago Bulls.

That’s right, my lovely wife won the Christmas Cookie Exchange for a record third time.  Three-peat baby!

I am very proud of Meg for her dominant performance three years in a row.  I’m also proud of her decision to retire from the competition.  As my ever expanding waistline can attest, she’s the all time best!


The Captain

The Captains Makes A Point Of Saying Someones A Genius

My Royal Tenenbaums 10th Anniversary week is coming to an end today, so I’m saying au revoir with Friday 5.

Top 5 Favorite Lines in The Royal Tenenbaums

1.  Sugar, it’s Eli.


2. That cab has a dent in it.

3.  You’ve made a cuckold of me.

4.  That’s the last time you put a knife in me, y’hear me?!?<>

5.  Let’s shag ass.


The Captain

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