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The Captain Would Ask You The Same Question

I was going to try and keep with the Royal Tenenbaums theme yesterday by posting my favorite songs from the film, but I still have too many songs I need to mention for Modern Rock 2011.  But Wayback Wednesday is the perfect opportunity to get back in with the Family Of Geniuses.  Here’s a picture from Halloween 2003 of my Richie Tenenbaum costume.



I tried my best to pull off Richie by letting my hair grow and gluing a beard to my face.  I even walked around the party wearing one sock and no shoe, as you can see here.



I was drinking martinis that nite, so the details are a bit hazy.  But I can tell from the picture that this was in my apartment in University City since I’m standing with my neighbor Josh, who went as Captain Ahab.  I remember that my girlfriend at the time went as Margot Tenenbaum, but I’m not dumb enough to post pictures of ex-girlfriends here.  But suffice to say that we made a pretty convincing pair.

In retrospect it’s a bit odd that I chose to emulate Richie, since at this point I’d say I’m clearly more like Royal.  But it was still a hell of a costume from a wonderful movie, and I’m glad I remembered to take pictures.


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