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The Captains Sudden Literary Praise

One of the hallmarks of The Royal Tenenbaums is the film’s attention to detail.  Every shot in the picture is meticulously constructed with layers of features.  There are dozens of obscure details that I’ve thought about highlighting on my blog, but I’ve decided to focus on one of my favorites.  Wes Anderson did a tremendous job tying The Royal Tenenbaums to the literary world.  The entire film is based on the written word.  It’s obvious from the film’s library intro


And the actual chapter headings incorporated into the film.


But Anderson is able to keep the theme going strong throughout the film with wonderful visual aids to literature.  One of my favorites is actually including a shot of the books mentioned in the film:

Accounting for Everything: A Guide to Personal Finance by Henry Sherman

Dudley’s World by Raleigh St. Clair


Family of Geniuses by Etheline Tenenbaum

Old Custer by Eli Cash

Three Plays by Margot Tenenbaum


As well as other printed work, like this magazine cover of my man Richie:

One sock!

Through these literary references as well as spot on narrating by Alec Balwin, the director really made this film feel like a novel.  Ten years later it still feels like a remarkable achievement.  Is it too late to nominate Wes Anderson for a Pulitzer?


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