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The Captain Takes Care Of His Own

I wasn’t planning on bringing back 2 For Tuesday until February but fuck it, close enough.  There are already several amazing tracks that I’m dying to highlight, so let’s start off 2012 with maximum badassness.  Check out The Devil Takes Care Of His Own by Band Of Skulls.

This British power trio is one of my favorite new bands from the past couple of years, and this video highlights exactly why: monster riffs, tight harmonies and asskicking toughness.  They had an solid set when they opened up for BRMC at the Pageant back in 2010.  Now their set to release their sophomore album, Sweet Sour, in March.  It’s most likely going to rock some-to-all of my face off.  The world needs more new bands like this, dammit!


Next up is Love Interruption by Jack White

Little Jackie White is back!  Finally!  Jack spent most of 2011 working on projects for other folks, which is cool.  I love Jack White so much that he can pretty much do whatever he wants at this point and I’ll probably enjoy it.  But I prefer Jack with a microphone and a guitar banging out his own thoughts, and it looks like 2012 will have plenty to enjoy.  Earlier this week he announced that he is releasing his first proper solo album, Blunderbuss, in April.  I’m anxious to hear what he’s been up to for the past year while working on his own.  I know that Jack has talent to spare, but I love it when he occasionally keeps it all for himself.


The Captain

The Captain Implores Everyone To Stop Saying Shit

At first I thought the original Shit Girls Say shorts were funny.  Meg has certainly said her share.  But watching the amateur hour that has followed it over the last few weeks is getting old.  The only one that was as funny as the original was Shit No One Says.  The rest are a good reminder that video editing software still isn’t user friendly enough.  Over the weekend I noticed the freshly created Shit St. Louisians Say,” video floating around, and I clicked on it blindly.  I was hoping to get a video full of the diversity that St. Louis has to offer.  Instead I saw this:

Seriously?  What kind of frogwash is this!?!  This plays more like Shit People From Arnold Say. 

Who the fuck in St. Louis listens to 93.7 The Bull?  Who gave the Morning Zoo Crew money for video editing, and why didn’t they give them enough?  After I gave the video some thought, I had this reaction.



The Captain

1.  Although I’ll freely admit I still reject calling Riverport the “Verizon Wireless Amphitheater.”  It’s always gonna be Riverport to me, man.

The Captains Mayan Prophecy

Assuming that the Mayans were wrong about 2012, this year looks to have plenty of great things in store.  For this week’s Friday 5 I thought it might be enjoyable to look ahead at what I am most eagerly awaiting in 2012.

Top 5 Consumable Media I Am Anticipating In 2012

1.  Book – The Twelve

This one is a no-brainer.  My favorite novel of 2010 was The Passage by Justin Cronin.  His post-apocalypse-vampire-zombie thriller was the quickest 900+ pages I’ve read in years.  Part of what was made the novel so exciting was knowing that it was the first in a planned trilogy.  The second book in the trilogy, The Twelve, is scheduled to be released in summer 2012.  The wait is almost over, so if you haven’t read The Passage yet, better get to it soon!

2.  Film – Moonrise Kingdom

My most anticipated film of 2012 was a real toss-up.  I almost went with The Dark Knight Rises, because this trailer makes it look pretty amazing.

But truth be told I think that Director Christopher Nolan might unwisely be trying to recapture the magic of the last Batman film, and at this point I honestly don’t think it can top The Dark Knight.  Moonrise Kingdom, on the other hand, looks like a triumphant return to form from the director of my favorite film.  Wes Anderson tried different genres with his last three films with varied results.  Moonrise Kingdom looks like he’s sticking with what he knows – a coming of age story.  I might be wrong, but I think at the end of 2012 this will be my favorite film of the year.

3.  Television Series – Mad Men

This selection is completely conditional on one main factor – whether Breaking Bad returns for its fifth season in 2012.  At this point I’m betting that it will not come back on the air till 2013, mostly because I don’t think star Bryan Cranston has enough time in his schedule to film it.  So with that in mind, I went with the show that will definitely air in 2012.  It’s been two years since I last spent some time at Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce, but I get the feeling that I will fall right back in with the gang in March.

4.  Video Game – Grand Theft Auto V

The other no-brainer on this list is GTA V.  It’s been four years since I’ve spent weeks at a time playing in the sandbox of Liberty City, and I’m ready to move back.  This time the action shifts from New York to L.A., or Los Santos as they refer to it.  From what I’ve seen from screenshots and the first trailer the game looks to be massive, perhaps the largest in the series.  Whenever they finally commit to a release date, expect me to be missing in action for at least a month.

5.  Album – Fiona Apple

This selection is the biggest crapshoot on the list.  I would’ve never guessed at the beginning of last year that my favorite album of 2011 would be from My Morning Jacket.  For 2012 I was tempted to go with the upcoming album that the reunited Ben Folds Five is currently recording, but I have no idea if the guys will be able to recapture the magic.  So I decided to go with the safest bet, Fiona Apple.  Her record company has confirmed that they will definitely release her new album in 2012.  This would mark only her fourth album in fifteen years, and her first since 2005.  But Fiona has shown that her music is worth the wait, so I’m hoping for big things from her.


The Captain


The Captain

The Captain Hitches His Wagon To The Wings Of A Dragon

If Nick Offerman and Megan Mullally weren’t already my new favorite celebrity couple thanks to Ron Swanson and Tammy II, then this put them over the edge.



Based on this, I’m waiting for the Republican Presidential  Candidates to endorse combining the Bible with the Bill of Rights any day now.



The Captain

The Captain Is Honored To Be A Finalist

The Rivertfront Times 2012 St. Louis Web Awards were last nite, and Captains Quarters didn’t win Best Personal Blog.  I wasn’t too surprised that I lost

Ha!  Actually, I wasn’t expecting to win mostly because I was up against some stiff competition.  I had guessed beforehand that @Maddie_Em and @JessLeitch from would probably win, and I was right.  The gals from @CityJars have put a considerable amount of work into their blog and it shows.  Congrats to them for their much deserved award.  Here’s me with the winners and their super rad trophy.

The trophies were actually one of the coolest little touches of an evening that was full of interesting moments.


My wife, mother and sister all attended the event to cheer me on, and I was glad to have their support.  The event was perfect for Meg and I – it at served free beer, cupcakes & vodka tonics!  This being the second year of the awards, I heard from several attendees that it ran much smoother that the first time.  We were seated near the stage during the ceremony

And we had a chance to chat with Shannon Howard, who runs of my favorite local blogs.  She was very friendly, and gave us some judge’s insight into my category.  She said that Best Personal Blog had by far the most nominations from the public, and that I should feel proud to be a finalist out of 50+ nominees.  I already felt lucky to me nominated, but to make the Top 4 out of 50?

It was wonderful to be in the same room with so many talented internet folks at the awards ceremony.  It was truly an honor to be a finalist.  You should check out the full list of nominees and winners from the Riverfront Times article here.  Taking the time to check out all of the other finalists really got my creative juices flowing; I’ve got some great idea for some improvements to the format here at Captains Quarters.  But more about that in the weeks to come.  For now I wanted to thank the Riverfront Times for including me in such a cool event and congratulate all of the winners.  Now I just need to up my game and keep writing.  After all, there is always next year…


The Captain

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