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The Captains Impromptu X-Mas Reunion

As I mentioned on Monday, I completely ran out of time before my X-mas break.  Some of that had to do with the incredible amount of work I had to finish before Meg & I left for Florida.  But it also had a lot to do with the impromptu reunion that happened two weeks ago today.

On Thursday the 22nd I discovered that my old college roommate Brooklyn Scotty was driving from New York City to Kansas City with his younger brother, Eric, in one 20 hour stretch.  This meant that he would be driving through St. Louis on I-70 at some point during that day.  I’ve only seen Scotty in person probably two times in the last five years, and I hadn’t seen his brother since 2003.  I decided to go out of my way to see them while they briefly passed through town.

Since I live 10 minutes from I-70, I invited them to stop by my house for a bit of socializing.  They determined they’d be in town around 10pm and planned on making a pit stop.  After the meeting was set, I decided to arrange a last minute welcoming party.  So at around 6pm I called my three other college roommates and told them to grab their wives and make it to my house in less than four hours.  Surprisingly, everyone agreed!

Now all I had to do was let Meg know that nine people were coming over to the house around 10pm on a worknite for an impromptu party.  She was understandably not thrilled with me.  But to her credit she helped me bust ass to get the house ready for this wonderfully impromptu party.

And the party? Incredible!   The last time all of us were in the same room was at my wedding four years ago.  There was lots of catching up to be done, lots of old stories to be told, and we even got to meet Eric’s soon-to-be fiancé, Sam.1

I woke up the next day exhausted, way behind on my X-mas preparations, and still ecstatic from the impromptu reunion.  Thanks to everyone for dropping by on short notice.  Getting this gang back together, if even for only a few hours, was absolutely worth it.


The Captain

1.  On the way back to New York, the gang stopped by the Arch grounds and Eric proposed to Sam on the spot.  Congrats you crazy kids!

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