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The Captains X-Mas Vacation In Florida

I’ve been back from Florida for ten days now and I’ve been putting off writing about it since.  The trip down to the Sunshine State for X-Mas was quite an undertaking, more so than I imagined.  There was several bits of family drama that were fairly difficult to manage, but I made it through relatively unscathed.  But there were also lost of great parts to the trip, and I’m going to highlight them in a cheery Friday 5.

Top 5 Florida X-Mas Vacation 2011

1.  The Beach

The best part of any trip to Florida is always the beach and me being on it. 

This time the beach in question was Treasure Island in St. Petersburg.   My family rented a beach house right by the water

That provided amazing views like this.


It was cooler when we first arrived1 so we went on long walks to enjoy the views

And the sunsets.

When the sun was out it was warm enough to enjoy the sand and the waves, and that’s exactly what I did. 

Everyday at the beach is a good day, and I had four in a row.  This is what vacation means to me.

2.  The Dali Museum

Staying in St. Petersburg made it a foregone conclusion that we would finally get to visit the Dali Museum.  The entire 2 years we lived in Florida the Salvador Dali Museum was undergoing a massive renovation process.  The museum finally opened its doors on 1/1/11, and the sight of the building makes it instantly apparent what took so long.

The renovated building on the waterfront of downtown St. Petersburg is an astounding sight.  From the gorgeous views from the glass balcony

To the spiral staircase

To the gorgeous grounds


Everything about the Dali Museum was impressive.  I especially liked writing a wish on my an armband with Meg and tying to the tree in the garden.

Everyone should see this impressive little gem now that it’s available.

3.  Seafood

Whenever I’m near the ocean I go seafood crazy!  I had several good pieces of fish, but the highlight was the steamed bucket at my family’s favorite restaurant, Crabby Bills!

Check out the aftermath of my seafood wrath!  Delicious!

4.  Boating

We spent New Year’s weekend in Sarasota with our friends Julie and Amir.  And when I’m in Sarasota, the Captain comes out full force.  Luckily Amir has this dazzling deck boat

And was nice enough to take Meg and I out for a pleasure cruise along the bay.  The weather was a comfortable 75° and the water was calm and beautiful.  Spending a couple of hours on the boat was the highlight of the trip for me.  Going boating with Amir is probably the thing I miss most about Florida.  Nothing beats Captaining.

5.  New Years Eve

As has been our tradition for a few years now, we walked to downtown Sarasota for New Year’s Eve.  This year we went to Meg’s favorite restaurant downtown, Selva Grill.  We met some new friends seen here,  including Nate and Lisa Patrick’s fiancé Linley.

And we ate an incredible meal, which was reflected in the bill.

We rang in the New Year at Amir’s condo, which is always a blast. 

It was a fantastic way to end our trip, and to end one hell of a year. 


The Captain

1.  Cooler meaing a high in the sixties. I’d kill for it to be that temperature here in St. Louie…

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