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The Captain Takes In The Nominations

I spent Martin Luther King this year like I do every year, watching possilbe Oscar contending films.  Usually it’s like 5° and snowing so it’s a good day to spend indoors.  But today was another Spring in Winter day with temperatures pushing 70° in St. Louis.  But I was determined to see Young Adult before it left theaters, warm front be damned.  Meg and I had planned on doing our usual buy-one-ticket-see-2-films double feature at any number of local AMC theaters, but Young Adult got bumped from AMC this weekend for Beauty and the Beast 3D.  In fact, YA was only playing at 4 theaters in St. Louis today and only one of the theaters had times that lined up for stealthy sneaking into a second show. 

Unfortunately, it was Plaza Frontenac, which is notoriously hard for sneaking into second shows due to its small size and competent theater staff.  But we we’re up for a challenge, and we wanted to catch The Artist after it’s big Golden Globe win.  While purchasing tickets for the 1:45 Young Adult, I noticed that the 1:15 The Artist had sold out.  So chances were good that the 3:45 show we had planned to sneak into might sell out as well.  But it was still worth a shot. 

Young Adult was a good film, but not quite as great as I had hoped.  I love Jason Reitman’s last two films, so I was expecting great things from the director.  It was entertaining, especially Patton Oswalt’s performance.  Ultimately though it lacked the depth and charm that I loved in Juno and Up In The Air.  But still worth checking out while it’s still in theaters.

Afterwards we discreetly found seats in The Artist theater and waited for the crowd to arrive. With five minutes till showtime, it looked like it might be a sellout.  But lucky for us the arthouse crowd1 never completely materialized and we were golden for our now free film.  We both enjoyed the film, but I’m surprised that The Artist is getting such high praise.  Both of the films we saw in the previous weekend’s double feature, The Descendants and Hugo, were superior to The Artist in my opinion.   I’d be surprised if The Artist wins at the Oscars next month, but stranger things have happened. 

We’ve got one more double feature scheduled for next weekend and we’ll be done with our annual Oscar nominations prep for 2012.  And speaking of nominations, I just saw this. 

Captain’s Quarters is nominated for Best Personal Blog by St. Louis’ Alternative Newspaper, The Riverfront Times.  How rad is that!?!  Here’s a link to the full nomination.  I’m a daily reader of the RFT’s website, so I feel lucky to even be mentioned.  St. Louis has some pretty amazing local blogs and I feel honored to be nominated for the St. Louis Web Awards.  The announcement of the winner is next Wednesday, so that only leaves a little over one week for some epic brownnosing.  If I want nomination domination I’ll need to channel my inner Harvey Weinstein.  And in a totally unrelated story, have I mentioned how funny, creative and beautiful/handsome I find Shannon Howard, Josh Kocurek, Pamela Merritt, Allison Babka, Bill Streeter, Michael Tomko, and Chad Garrison?


The Captain

1.  During the projectionist’s pre-show announcement to turn off cell phones, she added “especially because this is a silent film.” I heard at least 5 people around me respond in all seriousness “this is a silent film?”  Way to stay savvy St. Louis.

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