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The Captain Says Ach Ja and Nicht Nicht – Pre Awards Edition

So it’s less than 24 hours till the Web Awards tomorrow nite, and my excitement is reaching a fever pitch.  I need to take my mind off of tomorrow nite, so why not distract with another edition of Ach Ja and Nicht Nicht.  As always, here’s my man Bruno if you’re not familiar with the reference.

Ach Ja and Nicht Nicht:  Pre-Awards Edition


My kid brother Paul is into this L.A. Band AWOLNATION that is played frequently on 105.7 The Point.  I wasn’t super familiar with the band, but I agreed to go with him to Pops over on the East Side for their show this past Saturday nite.  Not only would this be my first concert with my 18 year old brother, this would be my first time at a bar with him, and his first trip ever to East St. Louis.

I wasn’t expecting a whole lot from the band, but I was pleasantly surprised.  The band had some decent chops and great stage presence.

It was a fun nite, especially since my brother was sober driver for the evening.  He’s graduating from High School soon, so I guess I better start taking him to more shows!


Non-Existent Tickets – Nicht Nicht

I had mixed feelings about the recently announced Jane’s Addiction show at the Pageant next month.  The band is touring on their 2011 album they made after the departure of founding member Eric Avery.  The album is decent, and Jane’s Addiction is still one of my favorite bands, so I decided to pony up $55 so I could watch them from the comfort of The Pageant’s balcony.  I logged onto the tickets website at exactly 5pm on Friday and discovered that the balcony was already sold out.  It’s the first minute tickets are available to the public, and you don’t have any reserved seating?  What kind of shit is that?!?  How can they advertise reserved seating if none of the tickets are available to the general public?  It was the same crap in November when I paid $65 a ticket to sit in the nosebleed seats at Scottrade for Radiohead.  So I’ve decided to skip the Jane’s Addiction show in protest.  Besides, is there any way it could top their NIN|JA show in Tampa in 2009?


Listening Parties – Ach Ja

My big social plan for 2012 is Listening Parties, i.e. once a month I’m convening my friends to discuss music on a selected topic.  It’s a loose concept that requires just a little effort and reaps maximum good times.  We had the first party at my place on the Sunday nite before MLK Day, and it was a smashing success.  In keeping with the New Year feeling January’s theme was favorite recent music, with one caveat.



Captain Mike and Eric both brought a disc worth of newish tunes, and I handed out VIP only copies of Modern Rock B-Sides: 2007-2011.  I’d say it was a great success.  I have a second Listening Party planned for February 11th, with a theme of favorite love songs.  I’m predicting another winner.

CVS – Nicht Nicht

When it comes to pharmacies, I’ve always been a loyal Walgreens customer.  That store has everthing!  So I was a little perturbed when CVS Pharmacies started popping up in St. Louis a couple of years ago.  Now there are a few being constructed near my neighborhood and I’m ready to protest.  I don’t have a problem with CVS giving Walgreens some competition, far from it.  I have a problem with CVS because all of their stores are carpeted.  Why the hell would they put carpeting in a public place where sick people regularly shop?  I checked out the one closest to my office, and sure enough there is carpeting in the vomiting remedies aisle.  That seems like an obviously terrible idea to me.  Walgreens has vinyl tiling in all its store for a reason!  I’m ready to start protesting at the CVS construction site by my house until they agree not to install carpeting.  Who’s with me?!

Black Russians – Ach Ja

Back in college I drank my fair share of White Russians, mostly due to The Big Lebowski.  But eventually I had to give them up because of all the milk and/or cream.  Drinking half a quart of half-n-half with alcohol leads to vomiting, and that can ruin a carpet.  I tried removing the cream and drinking Black Russians, but I never really enjoyed the taste.  Recently I was mulling what to do with the last bit of a bottle of Pinnacle Whipped Cream Vodka when it occurred to me I should try it in a Black Russian.  Jackpot!



It’s so easy and tasty!  All I did was mix equal parts Whipped Cream Vodka and Kahlua in a shaker with ice and shook until blended.  Then I topped it off with just a dash of Baileys and presto – Black Russian.



It goes perfect in the Kahula coffee mugs I got for X-Mas.  And just like that I have a new favorite drink for 2012.



Sealant On My House – Nicht Nicht

So the sealant around the piping for my HVAC failed, and some water seeped into the drywall in my basement.  That sucks bigtime.  Luckily my house is still under warranty for just a bit longer and the warranty company sent some gentlemen out to fix the problem.  In the meantime there is a giant hole in the wall while the drywall has a chance to dry out, and there are plastic tarps hanging all over the basement.  So my basement look like a Dexter kill room until Wednesday.  Home ownership!


My New Look Office – Ach Ja

Since I know I’ll be in the same office at work for the foreseeable future, I’ve been slowly trying to decorate.  I got a big boost this X-Mas with a mini-fridge from my father-in-law and a panoramic picture of the first pitch at the new Busch Stadium from my father.



Looking legit.

Yelling At Teenagers – Nicht Nicht

When my brother dropped me off after the AWOLNATION show around midnite I noticed that the neighbor kids were having another party.  It’s mostly harmless save the occasional beer can on the lawn.  But this time I saw that two of their friends were noticeably taking a piss on the front of the house.  What gives? First off, why would you piss on your friend’s house and not his neighbors?  Second, why not go to the side or back of the house?  Lazy fucking kids nowadays.  I yelled down at them, and they shot back a bunch of attitude back at me.  Now I have to write the homeowner and bitch about these shitty kids pissing on houses.  I don’t wanna be the old man griping at the kids, but come on man! Have a little common sense!

Sweetie Pies – Ach Ja

For those unfamiliar, Sweetie Pies is a local soul food restaurant that serves wonderfully heavy food. I’ve been to the new location in The Grove a few times and I left stuffed and happy.  I already enjoyed Sweetie Pies before I started watching my new favorite reality show, Welcome To Sweetie Pies.

Now I love it!  The show is supposed to focus on the trials of the restaurant’s owner, Miss Robbie, as she tries to expand her business.  But to me, the show is more an entertaining look at all of the goofy things I love about St. Louis.  The show is currently filming its second season right now, and Meg and I are planning on dining there again very soon, mostly because we want to meet Lil’ Charles, the show’s young, slacker employee.



And we’re really hoping to meet J.R., the show’s Eddie Haskell.  Hopefully I’ll have some pictures to post here in the near future.

Cardinals Exodus – Nicht Nicht

The worst thing about the hometown team winning a championship, aside from the corresponding rise in ticket prices, is the mass exodus of players the following year.  Obviously LaRussa retiring and Pujols leaving were both a big deal, but now most of the other veterans that could leave have decided to jump ship.  Nick Punto will now play shortstop for the Red Sox, Octavio Dotel and Gerald Laird both signed with Detroit.  And worst of all was the news that pitching coach Dave Duncan won’t be back either.  I know Duncan has a good reason for leaving, but it still sucks just the same.  I liked the 2011 Cardinals as a team, and the 2012 team will now look considerably different.  I want my Cardinals back dammit!

The Riverfront Time 2012 St. Louis Web Awards – ACH JA!!!

After all that I still can’t quell my excitement!   So I guess the only productive thing I can do is hit the sack early and try and get some rest tonite, because I’m going to need it tomorrow.  Sweet dreams internet!


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