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The Captain Takes Care Of His Own

I wasn’t planning on bringing back 2 For Tuesday until February but fuck it, close enough.  There are already several amazing tracks that I’m dying to highlight, so let’s start off 2012 with maximum badassness.  Check out The Devil Takes Care Of His Own by Band Of Skulls.

This British power trio is one of my favorite new bands from the past couple of years, and this video highlights exactly why: monster riffs, tight harmonies and asskicking toughness.  They had an solid set when they opened up for BRMC at the Pageant back in 2010.  Now their set to release their sophomore album, Sweet Sour, in March.  It’s most likely going to rock some-to-all of my face off.  The world needs more new bands like this, dammit!


Next up is Love Interruption by Jack White

Little Jackie White is back!  Finally!  Jack spent most of 2011 working on projects for other folks, which is cool.  I love Jack White so much that he can pretty much do whatever he wants at this point and I’ll probably enjoy it.  But I prefer Jack with a microphone and a guitar banging out his own thoughts, and it looks like 2012 will have plenty to enjoy.  Earlier this week he announced that he is releasing his first proper solo album, Blunderbuss, in April.  I’m anxious to hear what he’s been up to for the past year while working on his own.  I know that Jack has talent to spare, but I love it when he occasionally keeps it all for himself.


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