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The Captain Needs A 20 + 15

Last week for #WaybackWednesday I posted a picture of me 15 years ago wearing a Jane’s Addiction t-shirt.  In the pic I was aiming a dart and I had rather menacing face complete with a creepy moustache.  To give the picture some context, I thought I would post its companion picture for this week’s #WaybackWednesday.


Here we have Jen with her pigtails pinned to a dart board.  As I hope is apparent between the two pictures, I was trying to make it look like I had pinned her with my amazing dart throwing skills.  Which is funny in retrospect because I was terrible at darts back in 1997.  Jen was actually pretty good a darts due to her unique ability to hold them by the tip and throw them like daggers.  But seeing as I had just cut all of my shoulder length hair off, Jen was the only choice for the dartboard pinning.


Jen is celebrating her 35th birthday later this week and I thought this would be a nice early gift.  Happy birthday to the coolest girl in Iowa!



The Captain

The Captain On White Guys From St. Louis: BMX & NYC

As a white guy, ala Christian Lander, who happened to grow up in St. Louis, there are certain things I am predisposed to enjoy due to that fact.  Yesterday’s post about Willie & The Wizard was an obvious first selection.  Today I’m serving up a pair for #2ForTuesday.  Both of today’s selections are demonstrably enjoyable to me.

First up is I Wanted To Tell Her by Holy Ghost!

Right away I thought I spotted the reference in the video, and my heart started pumping.  No way this video is the Cafeteria BMX Dance Scene.  And then, BAM, out comes the Slo-Mo.  Sweet jumping frogspit, they perfectly recreated the whole scene!  They even got Nancy Whang doing the BMX Ballet like Lori Laughlin!

This video is so



St. Louis White Guys were practically issued a VHS copy of Rad at some point during their formative years.  Every video store in St. Louis had at least one VHS copy stolen every year.  I borrowed a buddy’s VHS copy of Rad in college and noticing he had stolen it from Hastings.  Speaking of which, lord I hope the Hipsters don’t claim this song.

Next up is Heavy Metal by White Rabbits

Once again, I’m prone  to like this song because of St. Louis.  The guys from White Rabbits graduated from Webster Groves High and stuck together to attend Mizzou.  After college they moved to NYC and gave the Art Band with Weird Percussion on an Indie label a try.  The result is surprisingly pleasant, but that’s beside the point.

In St. Louis, graduating from Mizzou and heading to NYC with a band to record is the actual dream of hundreds upon thousands of high school students past and present.  Local boys playing Indie Rock in New York is something I will always support, but these guys are actually listenable!

Run White Rabbits, Run!




The Captain

The Captain On White Guys From St. Louis: Willie & The Wizard

Baseball season doesn’t start for another 5 weeks and I’m already starting to break out in Cardinal fever.  I’m trying to hold off my excitement till closer to the start of the season, but it’s tough when I see pictures like this.



It’s Willie and the Wizard!!!

Ozzie and McGee were by far the radest Cardinals when I was a kid, and seeing them both in uniform at Spring Training is Totes Amazeballs.  I don’t know what they’re laughing at in the picture, but I like to think Willie told Ozzie a really filthy joke that ends with a bat in a wizard’s ass punchline.




The Captain

The Captain Likes Them Back To Back

Even though I watch a fair amount of television, almost  every show I see now is through my DVR.  Not only does this prevent me from watching commercials, it also frees  me up to watch a week’s worth of shows in whatever order I choose.  Back before DVRs it was much more important how my favorite shows were scheduled.  The ideal was always back to back great shows, but it rarely ever happened that
way.  Whenever good shows were on in succession, like say Seinfeld and Scubs on Thursdays, the network would inevitably move one to another nite.  But now with a DVR this doesn’t really affect me like it did before, so I stopped paying attention.

At the beginning of this week, my absolute favorite show debuted its new season on Sunday nite.  Strangely, I noticed it was returning at 9pm, which was right after another of my favorite that was on at 8pm.  Curious, I scrolled to the scheduled DVR recordings for the week.  I noticed that several of my current favorite shows were playing back to back.  As it turns out, this happened five separate instances this week.  So I bet you can guess where this is going.


Top 5 Current Back To Back Shows


1.  Sunday Nite:  The Walking Dead – Eastbound & Down

This is more of a happy coincidence, since they play on different networks.  But still, my favorite current drama followed by my current favorite comedy makes for one hell of a Sunday nite.


2.  Monday Nite:  Hoarders – Intervention

When it comes to reality shows, A&E has to best on television back to back on Mondays.  It’s two wonderful hours of judging people with terrible lives.  Sweet!


3.  Monday-Thursday
Nites:  The Daily Show – The Colbert Report

By this point Jon and Steven have been back to back for so long that I’ve taken for granted how awesome this hour of television is four
nites a week.


4.  Wednesday Nite:  Modern Family – Happy Endings

We started watching both of these shows last year, and despite the fact they are both rather conventional they are still very high



5.  Thursday Nite:  30 Rock – Parks & Recreations

Putting these two comedy powerhouses back to back was a great idea, especially since The Office has gone downhill quickly this season.






The Captain

The Captain Says Adios Casa

As lame as it may sound, I was saddened tonite to learn that Casa Gallardo went out-of-business in St. Louis.



We heard the news about a couple of hours after we ate dinner, which sucks because we totally would’ve gone once more for old times sake.  I’ve probably been going to the Casa on St. Charles Rock Road for 25 years at this point.  It was THE theater hangout back in high school.  Now that we live about 10 minutes from the Rock Road we’ve been eating there at least a few times a month for the past two years.  Their salsa is still probably my all time favorite.  I know it was just a crappy sit-down Mexican chain, but it was OUR crappy sit-down Mexican chain, dammit!



The Captain

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