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The Captain On White Guys From St. Louis: BMX & NYC

As a white guy, ala Christian Lander, who happened to grow up in St. Louis, there are certain things I am predisposed to enjoy due to that fact.  Yesterday’s post about Willie & The Wizard was an obvious first selection.  Today I’m serving up a pair for #2ForTuesday.  Both of today’s selections are demonstrably enjoyable to me.

First up is I Wanted To Tell Her by Holy Ghost!

Right away I thought I spotted the reference in the video, and my heart started pumping.  No way this video is the Cafeteria BMX Dance Scene.  And then, BAM, out comes the Slo-Mo.  Sweet jumping frogspit, they perfectly recreated the whole scene!  They even got Nancy Whang doing the BMX Ballet like Lori Laughlin!

This video is so



St. Louis White Guys were practically issued a VHS copy of Rad at some point during their formative years.  Every video store in St. Louis had at least one VHS copy stolen every year.  I borrowed a buddy’s VHS copy of Rad in college and noticing he had stolen it from Hastings.  Speaking of which, lord I hope the Hipsters don’t claim this song.

Next up is Heavy Metal by White Rabbits

Once again, I’m prone  to like this song because of St. Louis.  The guys from White Rabbits graduated from Webster Groves High and stuck together to attend Mizzou.  After college they moved to NYC and gave the Art Band with Weird Percussion on an Indie label a try.  The result is surprisingly pleasant, but that’s beside the point.

In St. Louis, graduating from Mizzou and heading to NYC with a band to record is the actual dream of hundreds upon thousands of high school students past and present.  Local boys playing Indie Rock in New York is something I will always support, but these guys are actually listenable!

Run White Rabbits, Run!




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