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The Captains Tracks Are Cartoonish

Sometimes the music that catches my ear uses refined, deliberate sounds and other times the music is painted with broad strokes.  This week’s #2ForTuesday is all about the later.  First up is another installment of the wonderful experiment that is 3 Artists 1 Song.


For the 4th time in 4 years my favorite shoe company has created an off the wall track that seems custom made for my Modern Rock series.  This year Converse recruited Gorillaz, James Murphy and Andre 3000 to bring the funk.

Here’s DoYaThing by Converse All-Stars



Next up is Andrew In Drag by Magnetic Fields



After years of waiting, it seems that Stephin Merritt has finally re-embraced the synth-pop sound that made so many people I know fall in love with the band’s universally loved album 69 Love Songs.  He spent all of the 00’s running away from the popularity of that album by drowning his songs in feedback and minimalism.  But his 2010 album Realism hinted at a return to that sound with the beautiful track You Must Be Out Of Your Mind.  And now Magnetic Fields is back in peak form with today’s release of Love At The Bottom Of The Sea.  The first single, Andrew In Drag combines the bands acoustic synth-pop sound with the deadpan with that Stephin loves to sing.  I get the feeling that I’ll bounce
between several songs on this album before selecting a favorite.



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