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The Captain Is Going Chappelling This March

As I’ve mentioned before, March is probably my least favorite month.  College basketball and midgets in leprechaun outfits don’t really get my rocks off.  We’re not even a week into March and I’m ready for it to be April.

Like nows dude.

But it’s a whopping 25 more days till April.  Bummer.

Since I’m not really a fan of March, I’ve decided to sit most of this one out.  Starting Saturday the 10th I’m unplugging for the rest of the month.  I’m going into hibernation mode until the beginning of April.  That means no social media, and even worse no posts here at Captains Quarters!  Those who seek council with The Captain should  pickup a phone; tarting Saturday I’ll be an electronic ghost.

In the mean time, I’m prepping my ship for launch.  The next couple of days I’m already saying goodbye to lots of food I love that I won’t be able to enjoy before I start the cleanse.  But instead of binging, I’ve decided to simply enjoy the calm before I’m carried off by the storm.  Which is exactly comes to my mind after viewing today’s photo for #WaybackWednesday.



Here’s me with Mr. Off-The-Reservation himself.  This was back in 2001, a couple of years before Dave did his famous African disappearing act.  It’s not a perfect metaphor, but it’s close enough.  Consider:

I’m going away to avoid distractions and to get some unspecified work done.

I’m going vegan while I’m gone.

When I return I’ll still be as crazy as ever.

So time to go social media it up for a couple more days.  Time to post more about the 1st place St. Louis Blues on Facebook so I don’t look like such a bandwagon fan.  Time to make inside jokes on Twitter, like how @ChainsawAttack’s ass is plastered all over the hometown news.  Two more days.  Then I’ll be Chappelling the days away till April.

Ya know what I mean?



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