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The Captains Digestive Track Is Going Loco

Nothing spices up my workday like eating an odd lunch, which means today was extra spicy.  I decided to go mucho loco today and try the Frankenstein monster that is the new Doritos Taco from Taco Bell.



With the months of hype that has proceeded the launch of the Doritos Loco Taco, I was a little worried what it would do to me.  I read the slogan Taco Bell on the inside Doritos on the outside as something to scare my insides.  In retrospect I may not have been scared enough.



In order to properly judge the taste, I decided to pit the Loco Taco against a Regular Taco.  But it turned out not to be a fair fight.



True to its name, the Loco Taco’s taste was ludicrous.  The extra cheese flavor really pops the taco flavor up a notch.  The shell is very flimsy and full of finger staining Doritos dust.  And at $1.29 it seems a little pricey for the folks that usually frequent Taco Bell.  But strangely enough, it tastes nothing like taco flavored Doritos.

When I compared Loco to the Regular Taco I ate afterwards, it was clear the Loco Taco was way tastier.  Hours later and I’m paying the price for eating that mutant/demon taco hybrid; my digestive track has gone to hell.  The odors escaping my body are ensuring that Meg will never be a fan.  But with less than 48 hours until the cleanse, I’m happy to be polluting my body with this wonderful filth.

Now the only thing left is to double down by eating a Loco Taco while drinking a Four Loko!  But that will have to wait till April.



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