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The Captain Wants To Keep Yelling

This past Saturday there were some major storms in St. Louis, including widespread hail damage. So I was less than optimistic about the Cardinals game I had tickets for on Sunday. With rain in the forecast I thought I was in for another miserable day at the ballpark. I figured April just wasn’t my month for baseball.
Surprisingly, the rain spared St. Louis and the HW Heckling Crew assemble for the first time in 2012. Drunken powers activate!



We typically gather for weeknite games, but the mini-replica-World-Series-trophy day sounded too good to miss. Even better, my sister discovered Southtown Pub near her place has a weekend shuttle to the game. Score!



The company was great as always, the game not so much. It was standing room only, which means we couldn’t get anywhere near the outfielders. Too bad, because we had a whole bunch of good heckle material for MVP/Cheater Ryan Braun. I wanted to do some more yelling, dammit! The most exciting thing we saw at the game was Asian Mark McGwire with a curly mullet.



He was way more impressive than the underwhelming replica trophies and the actual game. The Cardinals really let one slip away to the Brewers, which didn’t make me particularly chipper.



But this was just the first of many for the HW Heckling Crew. Until next time!

The Captain

The Captain Likes it LOUD

All right, one more post about the cabin trip and then I’ll finally move on to new topics. Of all the plans I made for the weekend, buying a bullhorn was by far the greatest. I had a good many laughs thanks to my new best friend as did the rest of the gang. Although from the look of the pictures from the trip I may have used the megaphone a bit too much. So I’ll let you be the judge in a loud edition of #Friday5.

Top 5 Cabin Trip Bullhorn Photos

1. Welcome to the cabin, Cocco.



2. Are you drinking MY beer?






4. (Siren Noise)



5. Quit taking my picture I’m trying to pass out back here



The Captain

The Captains Long Story Short – The Cabin Trip

So what can I say about the cabin trip from this past weekend? A lot actually, but just not here. A trip like this was meant to be an escape from the real world, so discussing it in detail defeats the purpose. But there are a few things I do want to mention.
First, the cabin itself was a great find. It was about as secluded as it gets, as in stereo on full blast in the middle of nowhere secluded. It was bigger than I imagined and it was festooned, how shall I say, rustically? Our favorite touch was this stuffed bobcat chasing a bird.



We were also quite enamored with the property. The super steep gravel road was a bit tough to navigate, but the river access at the bottom was definitely worth the trip.



For me, the highlight of the trip was hanging out with the rest of the crew and building a fire that lasted until sunrise.



Beyond that, all I will say is that I have a great group of friends that still know how to party.



If you want to hear more about the cabin trip, ask me the next time we’re hanging out.1

The Captain

1. And if you ask someone else who was there about the trip, don’t believe a word they say. Especially about the Shoney’s incident.

The Captains Cheers The Gonzo

For #WaybackWednesday this week I’m championing the Gonzo. Hunter S. Thompson often credited his use of Gonzo as a term for the last man standing at the party. This is something Dr. Thompson held in high regard and for good reason; outdrinking Hunter was an accomplishment.
The Gonzo of the cabin trip was once again @AquaNetter. He drank till the sun came up, and then spent a few hours violently resting before driving me back to St. Louis. And as you might guess, the Gonzo usually takes the funniest morning after hangover pics, as evidenced here.



Bonus points for the rare picture of @AquaNetter without product in his hair. In fact, I think the only other picture I have of @Aquanetter without hair product was from the cabin trip a decade ago. Funny enough, it was the same circumstances. He was the Gonzo that weekend as well, and his hangover was just as painful looking.



For his impressive performance he was awarded a copy of the official No Homo Weekend soundtrack courtesy of The Captain. Well done, Gonzo.

The Captain

The Captain Will See You On A Dark Nite

Even though the cabin trip is officially in the books it’s been lodged in my head for the past two days. So I thought I’d dedicate a couple more songs to my recent great weekend in a cabin trip centric #2ForTuesday. First up is Oblivion by Grimes.

I downloaded this track a couple of weeks back and instantly connected with its sparse, electronic minimalism and flighty vocals. But I really came to love it when I watched the accompanying video on YouTube. The combination of drunken hooligans and homoeroticism sums up the cabin trip nicely.
Next up is Get Free by Major Lazer.

I’ve been looking forward to the sophomore album from these two superstar DJs since 2009, and here I finally have a sneak peek. And in an odd twist, they recruited the singer from one of my other favorites from 2009, Amber from The Dirty Projectors, for the debut track. The accompanying video is a real bonus in that it sums up how I’m feeling at the moment. Major Lazer is contemplating the amount of ass he just kicked while he rests. I hear ya, brah, I hear ya.

The Captain

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