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The Captain Rings In A Stormy Opening Weekend

After months of anticipation for Opening Day at Busch Stadium, it ended up being a washout. I guess the past two straight months of nice weather lulled me into thinking that the weather would cooperate. Big mistake. The forecast for Friday said a high of 6o° and scattered showers, so I thought tailgating with my sister before the game shouldn’t be too bad. Instead it decided to downpour for hours and never make it above 5o°
Cathie and I gave it a valiant effort, huddling under a tent in a parking lot and drinking some beer while we hoped in vain for a break in the rain.



By the time the downpour stopped we were cold, soaked, and ready to call it. Cathie smushed in the back of a car with me and a cooler and we headed to Fox Park Grill to watch the game.



And then things got worse. The Cardinals actually gave up a grand slam on opening day to the dreaded Cubs. Early in the game it was 8-0 bad guys, and I officially threw in the towel. No more good would come of this day.
I awoke on Saturday to the sound of rain that had continued throughout the nite. I wasn’t in the best of spirits.



But I was determined to make Saturday a better day. I met up with my man D and Deputy Tim and we headed down to Soulard to catch a shuttle to Busch Stadium.



We arrived in time to watch the ring ceremony on the field. It was wonderful site watching the Cardinals players receive their World Series rings.



And right when the ceremony was over, it started pouring AGAIN. Luckily this time we had covering and something to distract us. The rings we received when we walked in the front gate were quite a marvel.



It’s a full sized metal ring that closely resembles the ring given to the actual players: heavy, shiny and impressive. I was expecting something similar to the last ring the Cardinals gave away at the ring ceremony: cheap, plastic and gaudy. Deputy Tim wore his 2006 ring to the game, and the difference between them was pretty noticeable.



The Cardinals contracted with Jostens, a maker of high school class rings, to produce these replica rings. It ends up feeling remarkably similar to many of the class rings I’ve seen over the years.
I was so excited by the cooler than expected ring that I didn’t stay long to watch the game. By that point I was cold and tired of feeling damp. We went back to Deputy Tim’s place to watch the Cardinals return to form and pick up a win against the Cubbies. And then I stuck around at Tim’s to watch the Blues pickup a much need win in game two of the NHL playoffs. I was finally warm, dry and ready to celebrate with the new rings.



The weekend didn’t quite turn out how I was hoping, but I wound up having a good time in spite of the terrible conditions. Good friends and good baseball trump bad weather everytime.

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