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The Captains Brand New Leftovers

I wasn’t sure what songs I wanted to post for #2ForTuesday this week until I got help from some lads from Missouri. The Show Me State’s finest, Ha Ha Tonka, released a new video today and I already love it. The guys made a trip to the Missouri State Park that is their namesake to shoot a down tempo video about hard times. Here’s Ha Ha Tonka at Ha Ha Tonka with Lonely Fortunes.

Ha Ha Tonka is getting better with every album; I look forward to each new song more than the last. And with this being the newest song on Modern Rock 2012, I thought I would pair it with the oldest song on my playlist. Here’s Desertshore with Randy Quaid.

As it turns out, the songs go together rather nicely. Both make me think of long afternoons spent enjoying the great outdoors. I heard this track back in December, but not in time to make Modern Rock 2011. I was gonna feature the song earlier this year, but I decided to wait till the weather was as warm as this little beauty. With the forecast for the rest of the week calling for sunshine and the eighties now seems perfect. So get outside and bring these wonderful songs with you!

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