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The Captains Kid Brother Is 19

The next month is a big one for my kid brother Paul. He’s graduating from high school a month from tomorrow and his 19th birthday is this week.
Wait, nineteen?!? That can’t be right. Let’s see, 2012 minus 1993… yup, he’s nineteen. In honor of Paul turning 19, here a picture of him from a decade ago for #WaybackWednesday.



This was taken back in 2002, so Paul would’ve been 9 at the time. I had just moved into my apartment in University City, and I believe the boys had come over to help me unpack. After a big pizza dinner I had them hop up on bed with me and pretend to be exhausted. Of course Charlie the comedian went with the too full from dinner pose.

But it’s the look on Paul’s face that really hits home ten years later. Around this time is when I first started to know Paul as a person and this is still how I picture Paul in my head sometimes: wearing a Power Rangers or Pokémon t-shirt and smiling. He was a happy kid who’s grown into a cheerful young man. Now that Paul is an adult I’m looking forward to having a grown-up relationship with him. I’m thinking it will come naturally since he’s way more mature than that bum sister of ours.

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