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The Captain Showers With Another Captain

Wait, that sounds wrong.  No homo.

Let me start again. Meg and I hosted a baby shower for Captain Mike and his wife Irene this past Saturday.  And by that I mean that Meg did most of the work and I made drinks, which is why everything went wonderfully as seen here.



A happy mother to be and my wife chugging one of my mango margaritas in the background.  Success!

With the shower falling on Cinco de Mayo we went with a Mexican theme.  A taco bar from Qdoba and margaritas made for a very full afternoon.  Luckily, there were plenty of games to keep us active.  Meg managed to find the three most interesting shower games ever.  First up was the beer chug from baby bottles.



It was way harder than it sounds.  Next up was the toilet paper diaper contest, in which teams of two were tasked with creating the best diaper out of two toilet paper rolls.  Easy-B and his wife Ana figured it out pretty quick.



Captain Mike and Ludlow had some problems.




As the final diaper judge, Irene disqualified her husband’s own team.  Shame shame you got no game!



The final game was probably the most challenging: the pregnant lady urinating challenge.  It begins with a balloon under the shirt to simulate a preggo belly.



Next each participant places five nickels between their knees and waddles across the room.  Finally, the participant attempts to drop the nickels into a bucket on the ground.  First to get all five nickels in the bucket wins.  Sound tough?  It was!



Still stinging from the loss in the diaper game, Ludlow stepped up his game and one the final contest.  But as you can see, he was still bitter over his DQ from the previous competition.



After the games the party split into boys and girls with the girls sitting in the air conditioning and yakking while the boys sweated out some Frisbee in the 90° afternoon.  The whole shower ended up being a pretty classy event, thanks mostly to my lovely wife.  Congrats to Captain Mike and Irene!



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