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The Captains Standards Without Visuals

Silversun Pickups are back! My favorite new band of the past five years released their third studio effort today and I already love it. At first listen Neck Of The Woods seems slightly darker than the band’s previous two albums. Silversun Pickups must have a newfound love of horror movies, because that creeping dread has invaded the album all the way down to the spooky cover art.



Here’s the first single from the album, Bloody Mary, to lead off #2ForTuesday.



I was a bit hesitant to post this so early, because I’m sure the band will release a hip little music video to accompany this haunting track. Silversun Pickups have release some great videos in the past, but I couldn’t wait for the visual with a track this great. The same is true for the next song, Go Right Ahead by The Hives.

Here’s another debut single missing the visuals from a band known for music videos. In this case The Hives are mostly remembered for their visual presence and you can hear why in this track. Lead singer Howlin’ Pele really jumps out from the first few bars and never lets up. Both bands are longtime staples of my Modern Rock series and both have style to spare. When the bands release videos for their lead singles in the near future I will probably revisit these tracks, but for now enjoy the sounds of two of my favorites.

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