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The Captains Addiction Is Passed On Through The Bloodline

As I mentioned last week, my kid brother Paul just turned 19. My sister and I took him out to Spiros for a birthday steak dinner on Sunday nite.


Afterwards Paul and I met up with @DanFjord to watch his softball team dominate. While we were hanging out I gave him his birthday present, my beloved old Jane’s Addiction t-shirt.


The idea came to me earlier in the week I was trying to remember what it was like to be as young as Paul. I didn’t actually turn 19 until the second week of my sophomore year of college. I was living in Sunvilla at the time and generally loving life. Soon after that birthday my roommate Ludlow was able to score tickets to the Jane’s Addiction Relapse tour in Chicago later that fall. As I’ve written before, that concert is still on the list of my Top 5 Concerts All-Time.
I bought that shirt at the concert and it became a fixture of my wardrobe throughout the rest of my college years. The more I thought about it, the more that my shirt really felt to me like being 19 and carefree. So it seemed natural for me to give it to my favorite 19 year old. I think he will wear it well.
So for #WaybackWednesday I dug up an old picture of me in the shirt from back in college.


Here’s me a dozen years ago hanging out in Suite Ds. This must’ve been early the fall of 2000, because Awesome Katie is there along with Crazypants Candice. By the end of that semester Awesome Katie moved away from Springfield, and I’m assuming Crazypants Candice was committed to an institution.1 But when that picture was taken everyone was still having a marvelous time.
Paul is leaving to attended my alma matter in the fall, so hopefully that shirt will see plenty more wild days and nites in Springfield. Wear it proud, brutha!

The Captain

1. Candice wasn’t funny crazy, she was chemical imbalance crazy.

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