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The Captain Grabs Heads Outside With Some Beauty

Today was absolutely gorgeous here in St. Louis; cloudless and 80° with a light breeze. Meg and I took full advantage with a nice long walk around Mallard Lake with the doggies.



Being active outdoors with a fine lady put me in a great mood and is the perfect theme for #2ForTuesday this week. First up is We Got It Wrong by St. Lucia.

Fantastic song for a fantastic day; upbeat yet relaxed and beautiful. And while Meg’s hair isn’t quite as crazy as that of the gal in the video the song still feels just like walking with a pretty lady did today.
Next up is Forever by Haim.

I’ve been waiting for this song for a couple of years now and it was totally worth it! I saw Haim back in 2010 when they opened for Julian Casablancas at The Pageant and was impressed by their sound. Three sisters rocking out to a mellow groove is right up my alley. I’ve been following Haim since then waiting for some recorded material, and three years later they finally release an EP. It was totally worth the wait.
Tomorrow’s forecast looks just as stunning as today, so I encourage you to get out and enjoy some magnificence. Better yet, download these songs to your mp3 player and take a walk with some splendor!

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