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The Captain Wants To Travel With These Dapper Gentlemen

I was planning on writing one last regular post today before Sports Week commences next Monday. And then the Cardinals went and demanded my attention. This morning my Facebook wall lit up with pictures from the Cardinals Tuxedo Travel Day. As you can see here



the players decided to have some fun by dressing in goofy tuxedos for their trip from San Francisco To Los Angeles. Hilarious idea with some wonderful pictures that demands a #Friday5 post.

Top 5 Styles From Cardinals Tuxedo Travel Day

1. Tyler Greene-Man
The best by far was rookie Tyler Greene’s full body spandex tux, ala Green Man. Brilliant.



2. Kyle “Lloyd” Lohse
The Dumb and Dumber tux was kind of a gimme, but Kyle really pulled it off.



3. Pee Wee Carpenter
Matt may be my second favorite Carpenter on the team, but he’s #1 when it comes to his Mr. Herman impression.



4. Jake Key West-Brook
I’ve always been a fan of the white tuxedo since I wore one to prom 17 years ago this month. Jake added a floral vest and bowtie to really nail this outfit. He looks ready for cocktails the beach.



5. Kyle McClellan, Prom Chaperone
Kyle went with a mostly toned down tux, except for those wonderful tails. I like to imagine that this is what would look like if he were to chaperone prom at our high school.



Actually, I wonder if his older brother, and my classmate, Matt McClellan actually did chaperone prom at Hazelwood West this year. Crazy!

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