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The Captains Sports Week: Monday Quarterbacking

As the video said, today begins #SportsWeek here at Captains Quarters. Let’s jump right in!
Rough weekend for the Cardinals. I watched the games on Friday and Sunday nite, and they both made me angry. I glad the Redbirds were able to score some runs, but the bullpen pitching was hard to watch. Losing a couple of games 5-6 was not fun, but way better than 0-6 on Saturday nite. Glad I didn’t watch that one. About the only thing that was interesting to watch was the debut of Matt Adams. That kid looks like he knows how to swing the bat.
The worst was obviously the injury to Lance Berkman. They said today that he didn’t tear his ACL, but that he will still be out at least six weeks. Major blow to the Cardinals and to one of my favorite current members. Big Puma is an easily likeable guy, and I’m sure the clubhouse will miss his presence. I get the feeling that he might be done for the season. I’m just not sure he’ll have the motivation to push himself hard after winning a ring last year. I hope to see him again wearing the birds on the bat, but the odds may be against him.
Happy to hear that Ballpark Village finally was able to secure funding to begin construction on Phase 1. Not much information is available yet on what Phase 1 will look like or how the Cardinals were able to secure funding after so many problems in the past. But given the many miss-starts so far, I get the feeling that they wouldn’t make an announcement like this unless Phase 1 was much more certain than before. Still, at least the picture looks pretty.


Interesting to read the reports coming out of Rams mini-camp. With such a large number of draftees and unsigned draftees headed to training this year, I’m actually interested to see how the Rams handle the situation. I respect the honesty of new head coach Jeff Fischer’s approach. He realizes that there are many problem areas that need fixing before this team starts winning again. Fixing the defensive line was a great first step, but many more are needed before the Rams return to contention. I don’t mind a rebuilding year as long as the effort is serious and results are positive.
Tonite’s Cardinals game was a real mess, but it was actually fun to watch. The local broadcast on Fox Sports Midwest lost its audio about an hour into the game and never got it back for reasons unknown. They showed a silent game for about half an hour before the booth said screw it and piped in the Padres broadcast instead. It was actually pretty cool to hear the San Diego announcers call the game instead of the local chuckleheads. Eventually Rick Horton came over to the visitors’ booth and called the rest of the game with the Padres announcers, which made for some amusing conversations. And the obvious bonus was no commercials between innings. Listening to the three announcers trying to kill some time unexpectedly was unintentionally funny. The problem started out making the game feel pretty Busch League, it wound up pretty enjoyable in the end. And most unexpected was the comeback in the bottom of the 8th off the bat of Tyler Greene. The kid usually looks awful at the plate, so it was surprising to see him with three hits including the game winning 2 run homer. Lousy game, great result.
And now it’s time for bed. Check back tomorrow for more #SportsWeek

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