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The Captain Loves Big Puma

I gotta say, it was nice seeing Jeff Suppan pitch at Busch Stadium last nite.  Soup is certainly showing his age, as he didn’t look too sharp in giving up eight hits and six walks against the Cardinals.  But something about seeing his smiling face really brought back a lot of good memories.  Fox Sports Midwest showed a bunch of old footage from Suppan’s days as a Cardinal, including a really funny piece I remember seeing back then of Jeff taking So Taguchi out for sushi.  That kind of humor and camaraderie went missing from the Cardinals after they won the 2006 World Series and it didn’t return until 2011.  And now it looks like the man responsible for putting the fun back in the dugout might be leaving.


Lance Berkman is the most entertaining superstar to play for the Cardinals in quite a while, and now he might be lost for good due to injury.  I hope he is able to get back on the field, mostly because I want to continue seeing him off the field and in the dugout.  Here he is on my favorite morning show in St. Louis killing it.


I’ve liked Berkman since his playing days in Houston, which says something because I hated the rest of the  Killer B’s with a passion.  Watching him joke around in the clubhouse and then kill it on the field was one of the highlights of the 2011 season.  Of course nothing is going to top his clutch two-run hit in the 10th inning of Game 6.  But that’s not the point.  Having Berkman around to crack jokes and answer question honestly instead of trying to dodge the media’s attention is something that other superstars like Holliday and Pujols wouldn’t or couldn’t do.  Handling the spotlight on and off the field is something that many player in St. Louis seem to struggle with, which would make it a real shame if the Cardianls lost Berkman.  So good luck with the surgery tomorrow Berkman.  God, please don’t cut Puma down!




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