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The Captain Keeps The Easy Money Rolling

Another week and another opportunity to make easy money for doing almost nothing. This time around I got paid $40 for eating these potato skins

and filling out an online survey about them. You read that correctly, I got paid for eating potato skins. Money doesn’t get much easier. You should follow this link and sign up for the free cash express.


The Captain

The Captain Apparently Knows Quite A Number Of Legal Scholars

I’m not going to post a long opinion here about my opinions on today’s long awaited news on the Affordable Care Act, as everyone else seems to be doing so

But I did want to say that I’m happy that the law was upheld by the SCOTUS. I think that history will remember this as a good day.

The Captain

The Captain Supports Pride

This past weekend was Pride here in St. Louis and I missed the parade. Well, I wouldn’t say I MISSED it, because I hate parades. I understand why parades are fun for the folks actually in the parade, but I just don’t get what is supposed to be fun about watching parades. Even parades that are known for raising eyebrows.
But I’m a long time supporter of gay rights and all that Pride stands for and I thought I would show it with a #WaybackWednesday picture. Here’s me in 1984 rocking some rainbow leg warmers and a snappy hat.


Based on this picture it’s a wonder that I turned out straight. Ha!


The Captain

The Captain Rocks With A Boy And A Girl

#2ForTuesday this week is all about the visuals. First up is always reliable Matt & Kim. They’ve been making great videos for years, and in 2012 they’re continuing the tradition by enlisted Pat the Roc for their latest visual feast. Here’s Matt & Kim with Let’s Go.

Next up is Yacht. With a name like that you know The Captain is automatically a fan. I heard from a good friend that they rocked Plush earlier this year; wish I would’ve caught that show! So instead I’ll just enjoy this gorgeous video, and so should you!

I guess a boy and a girl always make a pretty picture.

The Captain

The Captain Cheers A New Father

Captain Mike is a new father! Emma Ruth was born on Saturday, June 23rd in Belleville, IL. On Sunday I made the trip to St. Elizabeth’s with Easy B to meet the new baby girl, but we didn’t stay long. It was feeding time, and Captain Mike wanted to celebrate with cigars and a shot of Patron. We found a cantina right by the hospital and celebrated in style.

Cheers to Captain Mike’s new family!

The Captain

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