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The Captain Is Back After A Short Commercial Break

I was surfing around the interwebs a few weeks ago when I came across the motherlode of St. Louis nostalgia, the Becky Queen Of Carpets YouTube channel! Check it out here.
For those unfamiliar, these were the best worst late nite commercials that played on local St. Louis television stations in the nineties. Becky Queen of Carpets and Wanda Princess of Tile weren’t at ease on camera or very easy on the eyes, which made these terrible commercials terrible strangely compelling. After a short break I thought that this would be a great way to get back in the swing of things here at Captains Quarters. And then I saw this today:

I was devastated when Schweig Engel closed their doors a few years back, and now this! What’s worse, no one seems to know what happened. My theory is that Wanda Princess of Tile put a hit on Becky for her betrayal.
With Becky Queen of Carpets gone there will be precious few terrible local commercials left to enjoy. I was hoping that Dirt Cheap would step up and continue to dazzle me with dreadful production value, and luckily they were a step ahead of me:

The new king of terrible local commercials is now accepting submissions?! We should totally make a Dirt Cheap commercial! Who is with me!?
How hard can it be? After all, Jessie Pinkman made a commercial, and he’s a meth head!

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