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The Captain thinks we should go half-way today and half-way tomorrow since you’re a less-experienced hiker and you’re wearing Sunday-school shoes

Moonrise Kingdom is easily the best film I’ve seen this year. Wes Anderson went back to doing what he does best, telling endearing stories about children and the terrible adults they grow up to become. While Anderson can never hope to top Royal Tenenbaums or Rushmore, I think he came close in this film. Or at least he’s on the right path like Sam Shakusky

Speaking of which, I particularly enjoyed all of the Boy Scout references by way of the Khaki Scouts.



Scouting has usually been portrayed poorly in film, so it was wonderful to see Scouting shown as I remember it: As a chance to have adventures in the woods with minimal parental supervision and the occasional explosive act of violence. You know, Scouts!
So much of the film was shots of boys in uniform standing near bodies of water that I was reminded of a picture of myself at that age. So for #WaybackWednesdays here is a picture of me around that age in my Scout uniform standing near the Missouri River.



I spent that day orienteering through the woods with my friends Phil and Jason. I loved all the map reading in Scouts, as well as camping and canoeing. So of course it felt like the film was speaking to me with it’s hero, Sam.



The film was only playing at the Tivoli on it’s opening weekend, so I figured it would be sold out. But the 7pm show I attended on Saturday was only about three quarters full. For shame St. Louis! Stop reading this and click over to the Tivoli website to get your tickets. Go see the best film and the best cast of 2012!



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