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The Captain Needs To Arrange More Breakups

After seven long years Fiona Apple is back! Her new album was finally released today following a very long wait. Let’s kick off #2ForTuesday with the video for the album’s first single, Every Single Night.

Please don’t mistake my excitement for her new album as a complaint about the wait. While seven years is a long time, I respect that Fiona only writes new music when she feels inspired. Her highly personal music would probably feel forced if she put herself on a arbitrary timeline. And since it always sounds to me like all of her songs are about breakups, I’m assuming that it took her several years to go through a relationship so she could write about its demise.
And speaking of failed relationships, here’s Cat Power with Ruin

I’ve never really been a big fan of Chan Marshall. I’ve dug a couple of cover songs she’s done, but I’ve never thought her albums were that great. I guess all she needed was the right inspiration, because I love this track. I read that the impetus for her new album was her breakup with actor Giovanni Ribisi. Well if that’s all it took to write a killer track like this, then she should’ve ended that relationship years ago. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go arrange for Adele to get dumped by her boyfriend so we can keep the hits rolling!

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