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The Captain Would Attach A Different Name

I’ve been too busy over the last month to download much music, but I went on a torrent binge this evening and found some great new tunes. Time to get back on the #2ForTuesday swing. This week features great songs with unfortunate name attached. First up is Hot Fruit by Gaz Coombes

Great song, cool video and terrible name. Hot fruit sounds disgusting, and Gaz Coombes sounds like a minor villain in the Harry Potter series. Gaz is actually the former lead singer of Supergrass, a band I used to enjoy back in the Britpop 90s. Normally I’m against a solo artist making up a name for a fake band for a solo project, but in the case of Gaz Coombes I’ll make an exception. At this point I’m thinking including a track listed as


5. Hot Fruit – Gaz Coombes


may take away from the legitimacy of Modern Rock 2012. Damn you Gaz for rocking so hard!


Next up is Freedom At 21 by Jack White.

Now obviously Jack White is a great name to have attached to any project. But Hype Williams directing the video? That dude is responsible for so many awful music videos over the past few decades that I’m shocked he’s working with Jack. I guess Jack figured he would try sexing up his look, or maybe try and commercialize his look. Whatever the reason, the results were predictably bad. With the fish-eyed lens and the scantily clad cops, it’s only a Busta Rhymes appearance away from TRL.
So enjoy these song and ignore the nonsense attached!


The Captain

The Captain Needs A Few Volunteers

For the past few years I’ve volunteered for a charity poker event that benefits a local non-profit organization. Dealing poker is easy and fun way for me to help out with a cause that I wholly support – helping developmentally disabled adults. This year the charity poker event is on Friday, August 17th. I mention this because the event is still looking for volunteers to deal poker and I thought I would try and drum up some support. The event is at the Hilton in Ladue, it runs from about 6-10, and there’s free beer for volunteers. Anyone interested in dealing some poker with me for a good cause then please let me know.

The Captain

The Captain Picked A Bad Nite To Quit Doing Drugs

I sat at home by myself tonite and watched the 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony. I thought it would be strange, but even I was surprised at how oddly trippy the event played out. But watching the event was worth it just for this little clip.

Mr. Bean never fails to make me smile. Good job British!

The Captain

The Captains Double Visuals

Great success!  After three years of pestering my boss I finally hit paydirt!  Today I opened and installed double monitors for my work laptop!


While this is a picture of my desk with the new monitors, this is only a demonstration.  I’m way too busy at work to dick around on the internet.  But I didn’t want to show any sensitive material, so it’s just Captain related material.  Still, these monitors will probably be the highlight of the year at work for me.




The Captain

The Captains Summers On The Coast

My sister got a new job! After years of working long hours at a job she didn’t like, Cathie is getting ready to start a management position at a rapidly expanding local business. I’m so excited for her, and even a little bit proud that she was able to get in with such a great local company.
Her last day at the old job is tomorrow, and then she’s off for a week of vacation. In honor of Cathie’s much deserved break here’s a #WaybackWednesday pick of her on summer vacation.



This was taken at my Nana’s house in Philly back in the summer of 1990. Here’s Cathie is living the good life, lying on her back with her belly out just like my Nana’s dog Ebony. We spent a week at Nana’s house every summer as kids, and it was a real vacation for us. Lots of good food to eat, lots of uncles to entertain us, and lots of time to lie around. It was the highlight of the summer.
This summer Cathie is headed to the other coast to spend a week in San Diego with her boyfriend, James. With more sweltering weather ahead in the Midwest it sounds like a great time to head to the West Coast. So congrats to Cathie on the vacation and the new job, you’ve definitely earned it!

The Captain

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