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The Captain Would Attach A Different Name

I’ve been too busy over the last month to download much music, but I went on a torrent binge this evening and found some great new tunes. Time to get back on the #2ForTuesday swing. This week features great songs with unfortunate name attached. First up is Hot Fruit by Gaz Coombes

Great song, cool video and terrible name. Hot fruit sounds disgusting, and Gaz Coombes sounds like a minor villain in the Harry Potter series. Gaz is actually the former lead singer of Supergrass, a band I used to enjoy back in the Britpop 90s. Normally I’m against a solo artist making up a name for a fake band for a solo project, but in the case of Gaz Coombes I’ll make an exception. At this point I’m thinking including a track listed as


5. Hot Fruit – Gaz Coombes


may take away from the legitimacy of Modern Rock 2012. Damn you Gaz for rocking so hard!


Next up is Freedom At 21 by Jack White.

Now obviously Jack White is a great name to have attached to any project. But Hype Williams directing the video? That dude is responsible for so many awful music videos over the past few decades that I’m shocked he’s working with Jack. I guess Jack figured he would try sexing up his look, or maybe try and commercialize his look. Whatever the reason, the results were predictably bad. With the fish-eyed lens and the scantily clad cops, it’s only a Busta Rhymes appearance away from TRL.
So enjoy these song and ignore the nonsense attached!


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