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The Captains Dad With The Assist

This is the busiest week at my job all year, and I’m feeling the stress.  On the way home tonite I was trying to think of a good photo to scan for this week’s #WaybackWednesday but I was drawing a blank.  But lucky for me my dad found a good one for me.  Here’s me and the old man back in 1996.



There’s so much to love about this picture.  First and foremost, it’s the Caddy!  This is one of the few pictures I have of my first car, a 1978 Cadillac Coupe DeVille.  Man I loved that car, with it’s 8-Track player and dangerous automatic windows.

As far as me, it appears that I’m still in the middle of my Trent Reznor phase in the photo.  I probably didn’t look great with my long black hair, but damn did I love it.

Finally, gotta mention the bumper sticker.  “Death is no excuse: Nixon in ’96” was funny back in 1996, but now it’s goddamn hilarious.  Good choice on the sticker and great choice on the picture.  Thanks Pops!



The Captain

The Captain Throws In A Few Laughs

This week’s #2ForTuesday is part music and part comedy. And all awesome.

First up off their solid set at this weekend’s LouFest is Dinosaur Jr. with Watch The Corners.

J. Mascis and the gang continue their impressive reunion with more solid rock. This time they enlisted Tim Heidecker to have a little fun with stereotypes. Well done!

Next up is a surprise song from Flight Of The Conchords. Check out Feel Inside (And Stuff Like That).

It’s been a long three years since New Zealand’s 4th most popular band released a song. But the wait was worth it for this adorable video. Please let this lead to more Conchords!

The Captain

The Captains Idiot Congressman

It’s been a week and the nation is still talking about my idiot Congressman. At least it’s not all bad news, especially when sung by The Office’s MVP Creed.

Just listen to my heart,
Todd Akin’s breakin’ heart
‘Bout Rape, it does now understand.
And if you do get raped
Legitimately raped

I still believe that parenthood was planned.

The Captain

The Captains Best In Shows

The best concert I saw in 2011 was My Morning Jacket, who played here in St. Louis a few weeks ago. And the band that played the best concert I saw in 2010 will be here this weekend as well. The Flaming Lips are closing out Sunday nite at Loufest and I’m super excited to see them outside in Forest Park! Same goes for Saturday’s headliner, Girl Talk. The whole weekend should be one to remember; expect a full review next week. But for now I want to get in contact with as many people as I can beforehand that are headed to Forest Park for Loufest this weekend. A two day festival is the perfect time to meet up with old friends and new, so let me know who to look for in the crowd!

The Captain

The Captain And Sergeant Brody

Megan and I were looking to pick up a new TV show this summer since so many of our favorites are on hiatus. Based on several recommendations we went with Homeland on Showtime. While domestic terrorism didn’t exactly sound like the best premise for a show, the U.S. Marine as a recruited spy storyline was riveting. After finishing all twelve episodes in the first season we were amazed that the show was able to pull off such a far out premise, and also a bit skeptical about the idea of a second season. But based on this recently released trailer

I’ll definitely be tuning in for Homeland Season 2. There’s still plenty of time to watch Season 1 before the premier on September 30th, so get to it!

The Captain

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