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The Captains Back To School Lunch

It’s back to school week here in St. Louis, so let’s take a trip back to high school for this week’s #WaybackWednesday. Twenty years ago I began my freshman year at Hazelwood West. Here’s a picture of what was a typical lunch was for me in 1992.



A typical Hazelwood lunch was always brought to you by the four P’s – Primetime Pizza & Pepsi Products. Back in the 1990s, eating a single serving pizza with a Pepsi was a perfectly acceptable lunch. Many of my friends had this lunch everyday, as you can see by the pile of boxes and soda cans. I usually opted for a box of Gobstoppers with an Orange Slice to drink. But almost all of the lunches consumed in the cafeteria had one thing in common: no nutritional value!
So let’s all eat some junk food today and call it lunch in honor of kids headed back to school.


The Captain

The Captain Holds On To Black Metal

I was so busy over the past two weeks that I haven’t had a chance to rave about the My Morning Jacket with Band Of Horses show on August 8th at Peabody Opera House. As you may recall, I was super excited to attend the show with my soon to be college bound kid brother. I told him he was in for a treat, and I was right.
Band of Horses went on early and played for a solid hour. While I like the band a lot, I tend to favor their rocking songs over their mellow tracks. Unfortunately, they went pretty mellow for most of their set. They did manage to thrill me by playing The Great Salt Lake but that was the only really memorable part of the set.
Luckily there were plenty of fireworks when My Morning Jacket hit the stage. I was a little disappointed that Jim James wasn’t wearing his white fuzzy moon boots:



But that’s the only complaint I had. The set list was a great mix of older classics combined with the best of their newest album:

Master Plan
It Beats 4 U
Outta My System
Rollin Back
Tonight I Want To Celebrate With You
What A Wonderful Man
Wonderful (The Way I Feel)
Where To Begin
Steam Engine
Isn’t It A Pity
Victory Dance
Wordless Chorus
The Day Is Coming
Touch Me I’m Going To Scream
Holding On To Black Metal
I Will Be There When You Die
I’m Amazed
Phone Went West

Not only did they play what I think is their best song, Wonderful (The Way I Feel) they also added the perfect cover song. My Morning Jacket’s rendition of George Harrison’s Isn’t It A Pity was beautiful, especially when from Band Of Horses joined Jim James on vocals. What a perfect combination.
And while I had a great time at the show, I had a constant reminder that my buddy @shields121 was having a better time than me. Is a My Morning Jacket superfan and managed to score actual front row tickets, of which I was insanely jealous. From up in the mezzanine I could clearly see him on the edge of the stage. And I watched as Jim James high fived him not once but twice! Check out this iPhone picture taken @zykt from the front row!



You lucky bastards!
After having our stupid faces rocked off, we left to head home to terrible news. We we’re stuck in a small, violent storm in the car listening to a drunken Mike Shannon post game show after a 15-0 loss. So without a doubt the My Morning Jacket show was the best thing to happen downtown that evening!

The Captain

The Captains Congressman Can Fuck Right Off

Yesterday a local congressman went on Fox2 local news and said something so terrible that it managed to make international news. Here’s Todd Akin describing why he thinks that abortion should be illegal even in instances of rape.

The internet lit up in the past 24 hours with outrage over this horrible statement, and rightly so. The comments on Twitter have been amazing.



I’ve known that Todd Akin was a far-right lunatic for years now, but I’m glad to see that the rest of the nation now knows this as well. I’m really hoping that this horrific statement will sink Todd Akin’s campaign against Senator Claire McCaskill. But then again, with Missouri continuing to swing right maybe this will fire up the crazies down state enough for a victory.
Before Todd decided to give his expert medical advice on women’s bodies, I was pretty worried that he would be the next Senator from Missouri. Claire McCaskill is my favorite current Senator and I’m proud that she is representing my interests in Washington. Having a corporate stooge like Roy Blunt as a Senator is bad enough for Missouri, but a super conservative asshole Todd Akin would be the WORST.
Akin has until Tuesday at 5pm to drop out of the race, but I do not see that happening. Right-wing lunatics aren’t exactly known for admitting defeat. And that’s exactly what I’m hoping is the end result of this whole affair: defeat.
So on behalf of everyone here at Captain’s Quarters, here’s a message to Todd Akin.



The Captain

The Captain MIL News

The good news: After an all day move today my mother-in-law is now set up at her new condo near my house.


The bad news: My mother-in-law now lives 7 minutes from my house.




The Captain

The Captains Brother Sets Sail

Tonite my brother is embarking on the same journey that I made 16 years ago.  Back in 1996 my whole family left for Springfield on a Thursday nite to drop me off at (Southwest) Missouri State University.  First thing tomorrow Paul will wake up and demand to be take to the Blair, the same dorm I lived in Freshman year.  It’s uncanny how similar both of our college experiences will begin.

The massive amount of fun he’s about to experience makes me a little jealous, but his moving out of town make me a twinge sad. I’ve spent some great times with my brother this summer and hate to see him go.


Good luck to my brother Paul as he begins his Freshman year at MSU.  May none of the trouble you get in have permanent consequences!



The Captain

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