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The Captain Goes Swimming In Memories

I’ve been watching a lot of the Olympic games so far this year.  Last nite it was watching women’s gymnastics on mute while listening to dirty techno.  Tonite is ladies sand volleyball.  Schwing!

Earlier this week I watched several of the swimming events.  Back in college I hung out with a few swimmers on the SMSU team, and it still reminds me of my buddy Brooklyn Scotty.  His birthday is this Friday so I thought I throw up a old pic of him for #WaybackWednesday


I don’t really remember anything about when this picture was taken.  I’d guess based on Lt. Dan being passed out in the background that this was taken late at nite, but honestly Lt. Dan used to pass out at all hours of the day so who knows.  I think that this was taken at Hippie Dave’s place based on the wood paneling and the babydoll head in the glass.  No surprise to see Scotty in a Nine Inch Nails shirt, but his hair looks longer than I remember.  I guess this must’ve been after swim season ended, becuase during season he kept his hair cut tight and right.

I remembered that Scotty turns 34 on Friday without resorting to the Facebook calendar as his is one of the few birthdays I’ll always remember.  Scotty was born exactly one month before me!  So happy early birthday to my favorite swimmer.



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