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The Captains Congressman Can Fuck Right Off

Yesterday a local congressman went on Fox2 local news and said something so terrible that it managed to make international news. Here’s Todd Akin describing why he thinks that abortion should be illegal even in instances of rape.

The internet lit up in the past 24 hours with outrage over this horrible statement, and rightly so. The comments on Twitter have been amazing.



I’ve known that Todd Akin was a far-right lunatic for years now, but I’m glad to see that the rest of the nation now knows this as well. I’m really hoping that this horrific statement will sink Todd Akin’s campaign against Senator Claire McCaskill. But then again, with Missouri continuing to swing right maybe this will fire up the crazies down state enough for a victory.
Before Todd decided to give his expert medical advice on women’s bodies, I was pretty worried that he would be the next Senator from Missouri. Claire McCaskill is my favorite current Senator and I’m proud that she is representing my interests in Washington. Having a corporate stooge like Roy Blunt as a Senator is bad enough for Missouri, but a super conservative asshole Todd Akin would be the WORST.
Akin has until Tuesday at 5pm to drop out of the race, but I do not see that happening. Right-wing lunatics aren’t exactly known for admitting defeat. And that’s exactly what I’m hoping is the end result of this whole affair: defeat.
So on behalf of everyone here at Captain’s Quarters, here’s a message to Todd Akin.



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